Document Q&A 10 May 2023
Fast retrieval of document info.

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Chat with Docs is an AI tool that allows users to ask their documents any question using natural language, eliminating the need to manually search through documents.

To use the tool, users log in and can chat with any document in just two lines of code using the API. The tool supports various file formats, such as Pdf, docx, doc, pptx, and txt.

Using the tool is simple - users can ask the document a question using cUrl, Python, or JSc, and receive an answer immediately via the API. The tool's pricing is straightforward, with a fixed cost of $259 for 900 credits, where one document upload costs 2 credits and one document question costs 1 credit.

Chat with Docs is user-friendly, implementing a minimalistic layout with only necessary functions available, and provides secure access to documents with strict privacy policies in place.

By providing users with an easy-to-use interface, Chat with Docs streamlines the process of finding information in/document analysis, saving users valuable time and resources.

Overall, Chat with Docs is a useful AI tool for individuals and businesses looking to quickly and efficiently access information from their documents with minimal effort.

ChatWithDocs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports various file formats
Simple usage with API
Fast retrieval of info
Can interact in cUrl, Python, JSc
Straightforward pricing
Cost efficient document interaction
Minimalistic layout
Focus on essential features
Secure document access
Strict privacy policies
Saves time
Efficient document analysis
User-friendly interface
Suited for individuals and businesses


High cost per credit
Limited file formats supported
Cost per document upload
Cost per document question
Limited interface functions
Minimalistic layout may be restrictive
Difficult for non-coding users
Potential privacy concerns
High cost with large volumes


What is Chat with Docs?
How do I use Chat with Docs?
What file formats are supported by Chat with Docs?
How do I ask a document a question using Chat with Docs?
What languages can I program with Chat with Docs?
How does the pricing of Chat with Docs work?
How many credits do I need to use Chat with Docs?
What's the cost of uploading a document in Chat with Docs?
How much does it cost to ask a document a question on Chat with Docs?
What kind of interface does Chat with Docs provide?
Is Chat with Docs secure?
What kind of privacy policies does Chat with Docs have?
How does Chat with Docs enhance information retrieval efficiency?
Can businesses benefit from using Chat with Docs?
How can Chat with Docs save me time?
Is there a free trial available for Chat with Docs?
What happens when I run out of credits on Chat with Docs?
How can I purchase more credits for Chat with Docs?
What information do I need to provide for using Chat with Docs?
Is there customer support available for Chat with Docs?

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