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Accelerated document analysis and insights.
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Lil ChatGPT X is an AI tool designed to unlock insights from your documents. It leverages generative AI to retrieve answers instantly from your documents.

With its quick search feature, powered by a FAISS-based search engine, you can perform fast and precise queries across one or multiple documents. It provides intelligent responses to your questions, thanks to its integration with OpenAI, enabling you to gain valuable insights.This tool ensures the security and privacy of your data.

All your information is encrypted, and no data is shared with third parties, giving you peace of mind and control over your documents.Lil ChatGPT X offers various pricing options, starting from a minimum of 100 credits for $5.

You can choose between different credit packages depending on your needs, with higher credit amounts available at corresponding prices. They also offer a free trial without the requirement of providing credit card details.For any inquiries or assistance, Lil ChatGPT X provides support via email, ensuring that you have access to the necessary help when needed.Overall, Lil ChatGPT X empowers you to efficiently search and retrieve valuable insights from your documents using generative AI, delivering secure and private results.

Lil GPT X was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 14th 2023.
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