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Document analysis and insight generation.
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Generative Insights by Tactic is an AI-powered tool that enables users to generate valuable insights from any type of document, regardless of its source.

It simplifies the process of research, analysis, and decision-making by automating these tasks. With Generative Insights, users can import various types of documents such as presentations, contracts, meeting notes, and more.

The tool then surface contextual highlights and key answers that are relevant to the user's business, helping to interpret the data and summarize the next steps.

One of the key features of Generative Insights is its ability to import and analyze unstructured documents from a wide range of sources, including news, Google, PDFs, webpages, customer conversations, and market research.

Users can also ask specific questions and receive formatted answers, similar to using SQL for unstructured data. Additionally, Generative Insights allows users to cross-reference multiple documents, summarize their findings, and design interactive reports.

The tool also offers the capability to share and publish work in beautifully designed tables and reports, facilitating collaboration and driving action within teams.

Generative Insights is suitable for various use cases such as executives, legal professionals, investors, sales and marketing teams, procurement, and HR personnel who need to handle large amounts of information.

It offers different pricing plans that include a free option for teams to try, catering to different needs and budgets. Overall, Generative Insights by Tactic streamlines the process of generating insights, making it easier for users to extract valuable information from documents and make informed decisions based on the analyzed data.

Tactic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 4th 2023.
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