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Doctrine is an AI tool that enables users to easily add generative AI capabilities to their applications. With this tool, users can leverage the knowledge stored in their data or knowledge bases to answer user questions or integrate AI features into their apps.

Doctrine offers a simple and powerful API that can be quickly integrated into applications. Users can ingest knowledge from various sources such as databases, websites, documents, images, spreadsheets, and powerpoints.

The tool automatically converts different file types into text, vectorizes the text into a high dimensional vector space, and supports ingesting content from websites by crawling sitemaps or individual pages.The tool provides a ready-to-use Chat UI that can be embedded into applications, or users can utilize the API to build their own UI.

Multi-tenant databases are supported, as Doctrine simplifies the partitioning of vector embeddings to ensure the security of customer data.Scalability is another advantage of using Doctrine, as it offers a scalable infrastructure to handle document processing, vector generation and storage, and user query requests.

Doctrine provides different pricing plans to accommodate various needs. The Starter plan is suitable for personal use or smaller projects, while the Growth plan is designed for growing businesses.

The Business plan is aimed at organizations looking to incorporate AI across their entire operation. The tool also offers comprehensive documentation for users to get started and explore its features and functionalities.


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Pros and Cons


Simple and powerful API
Multi-source knowledge ingestion
File type automatic conversion
Web content crawling
Ready-to-use Chat UI
Customizable user interface
Multi-tenant database support
Vector embeddings partitioning
Scalable infrastructure
Processing and storage capabilities
Different pricing plans
Comprehensive documentation
Supports handling complex documents
Website content ingestion
Chat UI embedding option
Data vectorization
Secure customer data
Team features in plans
Unlimited website embeds in plans
Your own API key option
GPT-4 availability in plans
Semantic question answering


Doesn't support real-time data
No data preprocessing tools
Limited free usage
No model customization options
Potential security risks for vector embeddings
No multi-language support
Charges for document ingestion
Heavy reliance on API key
No built-in error handling
No native mobile support


What is Doctrine?
How does Doctrine enable app integration with generative AI?
How does Doctrine use knowledge stored in databases to answer user questions?
How does Doctrine's API work?
Which types of files are compatible with Doctrine?
How does Doctrine handle the conversion of different file types into text?
What kind of UI does Doctrine provide for chat integration?
How does Doctrine support multi-tenant databases?
What scalability options does Doctrine offer?
What are the available pricing plans for Doctrine?
What is the difference between the Starter, Growth, and Business plans offered by Doctrine?
Can I use Doctrine for my personal projects?
Is it possible to integrate Doctrine into my business app?
How to add Doctrine's Chat UI into my website?
How does Doctrine handle document processing and vector generation?
Can Doctrine crawl an entire website or just a single page?
How secure is my customer's data when using Doctrine?
How does Doctrine assist with partitioning vector embeddings?
What are the capabilities of Doctrine's API?
How many documents can I ingest per month with each pricing plan?

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