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Upgrade your trading toolbox with TOGGLE AI.
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TOGGLE AI, backed by seasoned players in the industry, is a company that provides advanced trading tools for investors of all levels. The platforms main feature, Toggle Terminal, gives investors direct access to complex analytic tools without the need of explicit programming or data-science knowledge.

By enabling interactions in natural language, it allows users to easily query data, test various investment hypotheses, and explore intricate relationships among securities.

Powered by institutional-grade engines, the Toggle Terminal boasts impressive capabilities in scenario testing, asset intelligence, chart exploration, and idea discovery.

It screens every security, unraveling hidden connections between organizations that could potentially be missed. Armed with this powerful map of knowledge, called Knowledge Graph, investors can uncover exposures, suppliers, geographies, and much more.

The platform also offers customized AI solutions and integrations for institutional investors. Apart from the Toggle Terminal, they provide various services for the asset management arena, including API access, bulk licensing agreements, and custom account services that magnify productivity for analysts and portfolio managers.

Furthermore, wealth managers and brokerages can give their clients access to AI-based insights across thousands of assets with Toggle AIs proprietary, multi-modal search abilities.


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Pros and Cons


Natural language interaction
Direct access to analytics
Institutional-grade engines
Scenario testing capabilities
Asset intelligence analysis
Chart exploration features
Idea discovery tools
Security screening function
Discovers hidden connections
Knowledge Graph mapping
Exposure uncovering feature
Institutional investor integrations
API access available
Bulk licensing agreements
Custom account services
Productivity enhancing features
Multi-modal search abilities
Partnership opportunities
Asset management solutions
Capital market services
Wealth management integrations
Brokerage integrations
Global asset coverage
Comprehensive knowledge map
LLM-powered interface
Intuitive user experience
Data-backed answers
Language model based
Industry veteran creators
Access to robust analytics
Award-winning analytic tools
Interactive language models
Multipliers for analysts
Natural language search interface
Embedded in rich analytics
Equipped with test lab
Can examine asset groups
No coding required
Immediate responses
Customized solution offerings
Advanced trading tools
Comes with global coverage
Custom integrations available
Toggle Terminal
Invesment technology capabilities
No need for spreadsheets
Different market hypotheses testing


Reliant on natural language understanding
Limited customization options
Potential accuracy inconsistencies
Screening tool's limitations
Lack of offline capabilities
No exclusive features
Limited on advanced trading strategies
Focus on institutional investors
Complex to novice investors
Requires significant capital


What is Toggle Terminal?
What capabilities does Toggle Terminal offer?
How does Toggle Terminal help in data querying?
How does the Knowledge Graph of Toggle AI enhance the investing process?
Does Toggle AI provide services for wealth managers and brokerages?
How does Toggle AI handle complex analytics?
Can I integrate Toggle AI technology into my own platform?
What are the options for API access and licensing with Toggle AI?
Is there any need for programming knowledge to use Toggle Terminal?
What institutional-grade engines power Toggle Terminal?
Can Toggle Terminal help in scenario testing?
What are the benefits of Toggle AI for institutional investors?
How can Toggle AI assist in asset intelligence?
What services does Toggle AI provide for the asset management arena?
Does Toggle AI support natural language for interactions?
Can Toggle AI explore relationships among securities?
How does Toggle AI assist with custom account services?
How does Toggle AI magnify productivity for analysts and portfolio managers?
What is multi-modal search in the context of Toggle AI?
Does Toggle Terminal offer customized AI solutions?

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