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Chat with your image data
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to interactively extract and interpret data from images. This tool specializes in generating tables of data from images containing plots, graphs, and other visual data representations.

The users upload an image, and then ask a specific question about the data in the image. answers the question by interpreting the image, extracting the data, and providing relevant explanations.

This tool can be especially useful in data analysis and scientific research for understanding complex graph data in an easy-to-understand tabular format. uses Google's Deplot for data-in-image comprehension, which aids in precise data extraction from images. The tool is designed not only for data extraction but also for facilitating an interactive conversation with the data.

It aids in getting in-depth insights and narratives from graphs or any visual data representations. Supports from tools such as Next.js, Prisma, Vercel, AuthJS, Shadcn UI, and Stripe power the technical back-end of

This tool was developed by Michal Tak.


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Pros and Cons


Interactive data extraction
Generates data tables
Specific question answering
Provides relevant explanations
Understands complex graph data
Tabular conversion of data
Uses Google's Deplot
Facilitates data conversation
Provides in-depth insights
Generates narratives from graphs
Support from Next.js, Prisma, Vercel
Use of AuthJS
Powered by Shadcn UI
Features Stripe integration
Data-in-image comprehension
Chat feature with image data
Developed by Michal Tak


Doesn't support non-image formats
No multiple image upload support
No support for complex graphs
Limited to Google's Deplot
No data visualization capability
No API for integration
Single developer involvement
Limited data extraction techniques
Doesn't support 3D visual data
Dependent on third-party tools


What data can extract from an image?
How does use Google's Deplot in data extraction?
How does aid in data analysis?
What type of images can I upload on
How does convert graphs into an easy-to-understand tabular format?
How does provide data interpretations?
How does facilitate an interactive conversation with data?
Can provide in-depth insights and narratives from graphs?
What technical support does have?
Who developed
Can work with data in scientific research?
Which tools support the technical back-end of
How does make complex graph data easy to understand?
How can I start a chat with my data in
What makes a unique tool for data extraction?
What is the process of asking a question about my data in
Can analyze both graphs and tabular data in images?
What are the pricing options for using
What are the data security measures implemented by
Can interactively extract data from any visual data representations?

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