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SQL-free conversational access to databases.
Generated by ChatGPT

AskYourDatabase is a plugin for ChatGPT that enables users to have natural language conversations with their database, eliminating the need for SQL. It seamlessly integrates with popular databases and allows users to easily connect their database and engage in interactive dialogue to retrieve information.

By leveraging ChatGPT's AI capabilities, AskYourDatabase understands user queries in plain English and responds with relevant data.Unlike complex SQL or Python scripts, AskYourDatabase simplifies the experience of interacting with databases, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

It eliminates the requirement for extensive SQL knowledge, empowering managers and CEOs to directly engage with their data. Users can inquire about various aspects of their database, such as the number of users or the average age of users, by formulating straightforward questions.AskYourDatabase prioritizes data security by recommending the use of a static IP address for access restriction.

However, users also have the option to create a read-only user for enhanced security. Importantly, AskYourDatabase emphasizes their commitment to privacy, assuring users that they do not collect, store, or transmit any of the sensitive data involved in the querying process.This innovative tool, created by Sheldon Niu, provides an intuitive and efficient way to communicate with databases.

Although currently available as a plugin for ChatGPT, plans for standalone versions are in progress. Whether enabling non-technical users to leverage database insights or streamlining database interactions for professionals, AskYourDatabase offers a powerful solution for conversational access to data.

AskYourDatabase was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Database Q&A
SQL-free conversational access
Plugin for ChatGPT
Natural language conversations
Seamlessly integrates with databases
Interactive dialogue access
Requires no SQL knowledge
Accessible for non-technical users
Enhanced data security
Static IP access restriction
Read-only user option
No data collection
Private chat interactions
Intuitive user experience
Streamlines professional database interactions
Plans for standalone versions
Built by Sheldon Niu
Chat with your database
Training prompts learning feature
No knowledge of MySql required
Can count users
Can calculate average age
Flexible query format
No need for Python scripts
Works with favorite databases
Star on GitHub
Product Hunt featured
Frequent updates on use
Static IP for security
Doesn't transmit sensitive data
Email and name storage
Billing information for paid features


Depends on ChatGPT
No standalone version
Requires static IP
Limited database compatibility
Only English queries supported
Billing information collected
No advanced SQL features


What is AskYourDatabase?
How does AskYourDatabase work?
Does AskYourDatabase require SQL knowledge?
What databases can AskYourDatabase integrate with?
Can AskYourDatabase answer questions about my database?
How does AskYourDatabase ensure data security?
Can I restrict access to my database via AskYourDatabase?
Does AskYourDatabase store any sensitive data?
Who created AskYourDatabase?
Is AskYourDatabase standalone or does it require a platform?
Is AskYourDatabase planning to release standalone versions?
How can AskYourDatabase assist non-technical users?
What makes AskYourDatabase user-friendly?
Can AskYourDatabase work with SQL or Python scripts?
Can I choose to create a read-only user for AskYourDatabase?
Who should use AskYourDatabase?
Does AskYourDatabase provide privacy?
Where can I find the IP address for AskYourDatabase?
Can I engage in interactive dialogue with my data using AskYourDatabase?
How to connect my database to AskYourDatabase?


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