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SQL queries
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Raw Query was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 30th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


In-built code editor
Built-in SQL optimizer
Advanced querying capabilities
Supports complex SQL codes
High speed query execution
Raw data manipulation
Data visualization features
Automated code generation
Real-time error detection
Syntax highlighting
Supports multiple databases
Code completion suggestions
Advanced filtering options
Support for variable binding
Structured and unstructured data handling
Analytical function support
Efficient data indexing
Statistical analysis capabilities
Handy query templates
Data security features
Concurrency control
Data version control
Scheduled execution of queries
Rollback and recovery support
Automatic query optimization
Drag and drop interface
Data partitioning support
Query execution plans
Data import and export
Easy debugging tools
Supports regular expressions
Transaction isolation levels
Multithreading support
Query progress monitor
Table and index partitioning
Stored procedures support
Explicit locking
Offline mode support
Cross-platform compatibility
Enables database tuning
Performance monitoring features


No multi-database support
Limited query optimization
No query history
Inadequate error handling
Lacks advanced analytic capabilities
No visualization tools
Poor syntax highlighting
Cannot handle large datasets
No import/export functionality
Limited database object manipulation


What is Raw Query?
How does Raw Query help me with SQL queries?
What kinds of data can Raw Query handle?
Can Raw Query handle complex SQL queries?
Does Raw Query generate SQL query code automatically?
Is there any limit on the data size that Raw Query can process?
Is Raw Query suitable for beginners to SQL queries?
Can I use Raw Query to execute SQL commands?
Is there any specific format for the data to be processed by Raw Query?
How does Raw Query deal with errors in SQL codes?
Are there any examples of SQL queries that Raw Query couldn't decode?
Does Raw Query offer highlights and suggestion for the SQL code?
Can Raw Query help in analyzing SQL query performance?
How user-friendly is Raw Query's interface?
Does Raw Query have a response time limit?
Can multiple users work on Raw Query simultaneously?
Does Raw Query support database schema mapping?
Is training required to use Raw Query?
How does Raw Query help in database management?
How frequently does Raw Query get updated?


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