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Simplified unification of business data.
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Weld is an AI tool that unifies data across various business tools, simplifying analytics and data engineering. It allows users to gain unique insights into their business operations by seamlessly integrating data from disparate sources.

The website uses necessary cookies for functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website, and preference cookies to remember user information such as their preferred language.

Additionally, it utilizes statistic cookies to collect and report anonymous information about how visitors interact with the website. Finally, it uses marketing cookies to track visitors across websites and display ads that are relevant and engaging for individual users, thereby creating more value for publishers and advertisers.

Overall, Weld provides a fast and efficient way for businesses to harness data that was previously siloed in separate platforms, allowing them to make more informed decisions and obtain deeper insight into their operations.


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Weld was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Unifies data cross-platform
Simplified data engineering
Unique insights generation
Boosts informed decision making
Comprehensive cookies management
Supports secure navigation
Personalized experience assurance
Enables valid website usage reporting
Fast data integration
Preference cookies for language
Statistics collection for user analytics
Effective personal marketing and ads
Supports various business tools
Beneficial for publishers and advertisers
Appropriate for SQL queries
Efficient data harness for businesses
Handles disparate data sources
Interactive dashboards for data visualization
Text files processing for user's experience
Multiple chart modes
Sensitive data protection with 2FA
Custom connector for data integrations
Own data storage choice available
Workflows orchestration for data sources
Export data to apps and BI tools
Provides SQL Editor
Optimized user experience via load balancing
Reliable metrics building with SQL
Dependable user experience with 99.9% uptime
Custom data activations to workplaces
Easily understandable data models dependencies
Scheduled data exports
Compatibility with BigQuery and Snowflake
Sync data in different frequencies
User behavior tracking for enhancements
Python and Javascript supported frameworks
Integrated Hubspot campaigns with data
Secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure
Relevant advertisement delivery via Marketing cookies
Offers resources like Blog and eBooks for knowledge enhancement


No API mentioned
No mobile version
Doesn't support all databases
No offline usage
Limited data storage
No customizable dashboards
Missing third party integrations
No real-time reports
Limited export options
No multiple users support


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What kind of insights can I gain from using Weld?
Can Weld integrate data from different sources?
What cookies does Weld use and why?
What is the purpose of the marketing cookies used by Weld?
How does Weld use my preferred language information?
What business tools is Weld compatible with?
How does Weld help with my business decisions?
Does the Weld website track visitors?
Can I opt out of data tracking on Weld?
Does Weld offer personalized experiences?
Is Weld GDPR-compliant?
How does Weld extract and manage data?
Can Weld synchronize data with tools in real-time?
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