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Visualized data exploration with an intuitive dashboard.
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Streamlit is an open-source framework aimed at helping data scientists build data-driven applications. It allows for an easy-to-use interface and adds interactive elements to data applications, so users can explore data in real-time.

With a fast app-building system, the Streamlit framework can help to accelerate data science workflows and development of machine learning models. It supports both Python and R programming languages, but is primarily used with Python.

Streamlit's customizable dashboard allows data scientists to visualize data with a more interactive and intuitive interface, with features like drop-down menus and sliders.

This implies that developers can build data-rich applications with ease while offering the end-users greater control and improvement on data insights.

Streamlit also makes it possible to share your apps via a cloud platform, thereby increasing its accessibility and reach. As an open-source framework, the streamlit community has evolved from being small into a large group of developers that constantly contribute their ideas and knowledge on how to improve the tool’s efficacy.

As such, it has been adopted by companies ranging from finance to healthcare, to help them with critical data insights. Overall, Streamlit simplifies the process of developing, deploying, sharing, and collaborating on data-driven applications, allowing developers to focus on the data and the app’s core functionalities.


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Jul 9, 2023
Very powerful, it not only gets data magically for your nl question but also builds a nice visual tailored to that data. Impressive.

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Pros and Cons


Intuitive data exploration
Visualized SQL queries
Easy-to-use interface
Adds interactivity to data apps
Real-time data exploration
Fast app-building system
Accelerates data science workflows
Supports Python and R
Customizable dashboard
Interactive data visualizations
Drop-down menus and sliders
Easy development of data-rich apps
Increases end-users data control
Improves data insights
Shareable apps via cloud
Increased accessibility and reach
Large open-source community
Constant tool improvements
Used across various industries
Simplifies app development and deployment
Focus on core app functionalities


Only supports Python and R
No SQL support
Lacks advanced visualization features
Reliant on cloud platform
Limited app-building features
No offline mode
Community driven updates
Limited data management tools
No direct database support
Lacks built in analytics


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