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Converts English to SQL.
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TEXT2SQL.AI is a free AI-powered tool that helps users quickly and accurately generate SQL queries from plain English instructions. It is based on the OpenAI GPT-3 Codex model, the most advanced Natural Language Processing tool available.

TEXT2SQL.AI supports a range of SQL dialects, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, BigQuery, MS SQL Server and SQLite. It also allows users to connect their custom database schema, with history.

TEXT2SQL.AI is ideal for both beginners and professionals alike, as it helps beginners learn how to write SQL queries, while providing professionals with a way to save time or improve skills in their work.

It is significantly more cost-effective than other similar tools, as all of them use the same AI language model under the hood. TEXT2SQL.AI is completely free to use as long as the OpenAI GPT-3 Codex model is in its BETA phase.


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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple SQL dialects
Can connect custom database schema
Free to use
Ideal for beginners and professionals
Generates SQL queries quickly
Cost-effective compared to similar tools
Allows SQL explanation to plain English
Supports a broad range of queries
Supports CREATE and ALTER TABLE requests
Supports constraints
Supports window functions
Schema history retention
Can translate SQL back to English
High accuracy
Based on advanced NLP tool
Results can be checked before using
Ideal for data analysts
Ideal for data scientists
Ideal for data engineers
Can save time for professionals
Can enhance skills of professionals


Limited to GPT-3 Codex
No API provided
Questionable accuracy
Not ideal for advanced usage
Dependent on BETA phase
Lacks performance optimization
May require manual checking
No real-time support
Doesn't support all SQL features


What is TEXT2SQL.AI?
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What SQL dialects does TEXT2SQL.AI support?
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Is TEXT2SQL.AI suitable for SQL beginners?
Can professionals benefit from using TEXT2SQL.AI?
How does TEXT2SQL.AI compare in cost effectiveness with similar tools?
Why is TEXT2SQL.AI free to use?
What is the OpenAI GPT-3 Codex model that TEXT2SQL.AI uses?
Can you translate SQL queries back into English with TEXT2SQL.AI?
How exact is the translation from English to SQL in TEXT2SQL.AI?
Will I need to double-check the SQL queries generated by TEXT2SQL.AI?
What are the use cases of TEXT2SQL.AI?
Can TEXT2SQL.AI be used for data analysis?
Are the TEXT2SQL.AI services available even after the OpenAI GPT-3 Codex model exits BETA phase?
Why is TEXT2SQL.AI considered better than other similar tools?
Does TEXT2SQL.AI support creating and altering table requests?
What kinds of queries does TEXT2SQL.AI support?
Can I make a feature request for TEXT2SQL.AI?
How to get better performance with TEXT2SQL.AI?


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