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Natural language business database solution.

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NLSQL is a B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that enables businesses to make informed decisions using natural language rather than requiring users to have any database language skills.

It does this by providing an intuitive text interface that is used to retrieve information from a database. This allows employees to quickly access data-driven insights to inform their decisions.

It also integrates with a variety of databases, including MySQL, MS SQL, Vertica, Postgre SQL, Oracle, MariaDB, Redis, and Redshift.NLSQL is particularly useful in healthcare organizations, where it can be used to analyze billions of rows of patient information in seconds, rather than months.

This allows clinicians to make faster, more accurate decisions, particularly for more complex patients with multiple concurrent chronic conditions. It also provides a Google-like interface that can be used to identify patient information quickly and easily.Overall, NLSQL is a powerful tool that enables businesses to make informed decisions using natural language, making the process of extracting data from databases faster and more efficient.

It also provides a range of integrations with popular databases, allowing users to access the data they need quickly and easily.

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Pros and Cons


Intuitive text interface
No database language skills required
Fast data extraction
Integration with MySQL, MS SQL, Vertica
Integration with Postgre SQL, Oracle
MariaDB, Redis, Redshift compatibility
Useful in healthcare organizations
Can analyze billions of rows rapidly
Google-like interface
Aids in complex decision making
Efficient data retrieval
Real-time access to data
Identification of patient information quickly
No confidential data transfer required
Integration with corporate messengers
SaaS B2B solution
Promotes data-driven decisions
Supports all main database types


Limited to SQL databases
No personal data security
Limited language processing capabilities
No offline usage
Limited integration options
May struggle with complex data
Targeted primarily at healthcare industry
Limited user interface customization
No indicated scalability
No voice interface support


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Is NLSQL a SaaS solution?
How can NLSQL contribute to decision making?
Can I use NLSQL for my MySQL database?
What does it mean that NLSQL works as the first NLP to SQL API?
Does NLSQL handle sensitive or confidential data?
How does NLSQL support businesses in making data-driven decisions?
What features does the NLSQL Healthcare BI Software offer?
How does NLSQL affect the efficiency of clinical decision making?
Can NLSQL help in disease prevention and health promotion?
Is there a demo I can try of NLSQL?
How does NLSQL ensure data security?

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