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Build dashboards for your database with AI
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ChatDB is an AI-powered tool designed to significantly streamline the process of generating database dashboards. It provides a no-code solution, eliminating the need for SQL expertise in obtaining core business metrics and key revenue drivers.

Primarily, it does this by transforming complex SQL tasks into a friendly chat interface where users can ask questions directly to their database in their business language, allowing them to glean important insights without deep technical proficiency.This AI assistant is capable of performing multi-table joins and interpreting business jargon, handling the backend SQL-writing needed to procure the requested data.

Following this, the tool enables the fast creation of visually-appealing charts that display these insights, thereby enhancing business decision-making processes and data accessibility.Additionally, ChatDB allows for a spreadsheet-like view of database tables to assist users in finding the necessary data more expeditiously.

Further features include availability of technical support and the tool's security details. Apart from the primary functionalities, the service also possesses auxiliary tools for handling and converting various data formats.


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Pros and Cons


Training on user's database
Generates SQL queries
Simplifies onboarding for teams
Disposition as query assistant
Debugging assistance
Interprets natural language queries
Visual representations of databases
Quick addition of new databases
Dashboard generation capability
No-code solution
Interprets business jargon
Performs multi-table joins
Instant chart creation
Spreadsheet-like data view
Availability of technical support
Data Conversion tools
Data Security measures
Streamlined generation of dashboards
Enhances data accessibility
Familiar chat interface


Limited to SQL databases
No natural language learning
Depends heavily on database schema
No offline operation
No manual error correction
Doesn't support custom queries
No advanced visualization features
Limited technical support
Dependent on proper data formatting
May struggle with complex joins


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