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Easy-to-use chatbot for data insights in plain English.
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Findly.ai is an AI-powered chatbot for data warehouses that enables users to access accurate, actionable data insights in minutes without needing to learn SQL or Python.

The natural language processing technology allows business personnel to ask questions in plain English and receive easy-to-understand results. This reduces the time to insight (TTI) and eliminates the need to rely on individual data professionals.

It also simplifies onboarding by allowing users to ask questions and receive answers in seconds. Findly.ai is compatible with all databases and data warehouses that can run SQL queries, and allows users to ask questions directly on Slack.

It is designed to free up software engineering time and give businesses the insights they need without requiring any SQL or data interpretation expertise.


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Findly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Easy-to-use chatbot
Generates actionable data insights
No SQL or Python knowledge required
Uses natural language processing
Reduces Time To Insight (TTI)
Eliminates reliance on data professionals
Simplifies onboarding process
Saves software engineering time
Allows questions on Slack
Compatible with all SQL databases
Provides easy-to-understand results
Mitigates turnover impact
Supports database and data warehouse
Reduces miscommunication and waiting time


Lacks APIs integration
Limited to SQL databases
Only works on Slack
No Python interpretation support
Possibly long chatbot response times
User-specific data interpretation issues
Lacks multi-platform support
No direct databank integration
Dependent on English proficiency
Limited onboarding efficiency improvements


What is Findly.ai?
How does Findly.ai work?
Who can use Findly.ai?
Do I need to know SQL or Python to use Findly.ai?
What is the natural language processing technology used by Findly.ai?
How does Findly.ai reduce time to insight?
How can Findly.ai improve onboarding efficiency?
Does Findly.ai only work with certain databases?
How does Findly.ai help to reduce turnover impact?
How can Findly.ai free up software engineering time?
How do I ask questions using Findly.ai?
Can I use Findly.ai on Slack?
What can I ask Findly.ai?
How quick are the responses on Findly.ai?
Can Findly.ai provide data insights for any type of business?
Are my data warehouses compatible with Findly.ai?
Do I need any data interpretation expertise to use Findly.ai?
What kind of results will I get when I ask questions in Findly.ai?
Is there a limit to the number of queries I can run with Findly.ai?
What level of accuracy does Findly.ai provide for data insights?


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