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ByChakib Zaari
Creating MS SQL queries based on database schemas.
Sample prompts:
generate a query that will...
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My DataBases Sql Query Generator is a GPT that focuses on facilitating the creation of MS SQL queries. It works based on the schema of four different databases, aiding developers in generating complex SQL queries with relative ease.

This tool uses the capabilities of ChatGPT to interact with the user and understand their requirements. The tool is designed for use by people with SQL knowledge who prefer a more interactive and ambient experience for crafting their SQL queries.

The starting prompts like 'generate a query that will....' denote that this GPT is designed to take input in a conversational manner. This aids in specifying the parameters of the query, such as columns, conditions, joins, and more.

The users can articulate their query needs, and the tool formulates the appropriate SQL syntax for it. Despite the ease it provides, note that this GPT requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus for full access.

While this GPT operates as an aid to generate SQL queries, the developer retains full oversight, enabling them to ensure the outputs align with their database design and delivering the information they require.


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