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Effortlessly generate high-performing SQL queries with AI.
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Pandalyst is a tool designed to help users formulate SQL (Structured Query Language) queries at a faster rate and without errors. It utilizes artificial intelligence to generate high-quality SQL queries, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced SQL users.

The functionality of the tool is not dependent on the user's device, as Pandalyst is accessible through a web browser on any device, offering flexibility in usage.

In addition to helping users write queries, Pandalyst can also assist in rectifying SQL errors. Users have the ability to add their own database schema and the SQL is generated by the AI functionality within the tool.

Attention to user data security is a priority for Pandalyst, ensuring a safe experience by not storing user data in their systems. The tool offers different subscription plans, each offering a varying number of queries per month, access to database schema addition, AI generated SQL, and email support.


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Pros and Cons


Generates high-quality SQL queries
Suitable for beginners and experienced users
Accessible on any device
Assists in rectifying SQL errors
Ability to add own database schema
Prioritizes user data security
Doesn't store user data
Different subscription plans available
Increases SQL formulation speed
Provides error-free coding
Offers code generation
Advanced SQL support available
Automated database schema
Supports database management
Web-based tool
Offers email support
Speed up SQL writing
Fixes SQL mistakes


Limit on queries per month
Subscription needed for usage
No offline functionality
Possible SQL generation mistakes
Limited customer support options
No dedicated mobile application
Dependent on internet connection
Limited database schema functionality
Limited to SQL language
No data storage options


What is Pandalyst?
How does Pandalyst use AI to generate SQL queries?
Is Pandalyst suitable for beginners?
Can experienced SQL users benefit from Pandalyst?
Is Pandalyst a web-based tool?
Can I use Pandalyst on mobile devices?
How does Pandalyst help in rectifying SQL errors?
Does Pandalyst allow adding personal database schema?
How does Pandalyst handle user data security?
What are the different subscription plans offered by Pandalyst?
How many queries per month can be generated in each Pandalyst subscription plan?
How does the AI generated SQL in Pandalyst work?
Does Pandalyst offer email support?
Does Pandalyst store user data in their systems?
Is Pandalyst beginner-friendly?
Can Pandalyst correct my SQL requests?
What is Pandalyst's approach to data security?
Can I add my database schema in Pandalyst?
What functionality does Pandalyst's AI generator provide?
How is Pandalyst different from other SQL query tools?

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