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Generate SQL queries for Prisma apps efficiently.
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PrismaGPT is a tool that allows developers to use the GPT-4 AI model to generate Prisma Client queries and raw SQL based on their schema. By asking the AI how to query for a specific data item, developers can quickly generate code for their Prisma schema.

The tool provides convenient options for generating Prisma Client and raw SQL queries, which developers can copy and use to improve the efficiency of their Prisma applications.

PrismaGPT appears to be a production-ready tool that can help developers quickly create rock-solid Prisma apps while optimizing their workflow. The tool's interface is simple, and developers can easily access it through How To Prisma's website, where they can add their own schema to get started.

The generated queries can be easily copied and used along with the Prisma schema, allowing developers to save time and focus on other aspects of their project.

Overall, PrismaGPT is a useful tool for developers who want to streamline their workflow when using Prisma. The AI model can help generate queries faster, and the option to choose between Client and SQL queries gives developers more flexibility.

The tool can be a valuable resource for those looking to optimize the performance and efficiency of their Prisma applications.


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PrismaGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates Prisma Client queries
Creates raw SQL queries
Optimizes Prisma app workflow
Interface easily accessible
Schema can be customized
Saves time on development
Streamlines query generation
Flexibility in query selection
Improves Prisma application performance
Easy query copying
Useful for optimal efficiency
Generates code from schema
Well suited for production
Descriptive Query Functionality
Single click query generation
Combines GPT-4 with Prisma
Easy to use web interface
Available on How To Prisma's website
Efficient for bulk query generation
Interactive schema addition
Faster Prisma app creation
Tool for query standardisation
Direct integration with Prisma schema
Automated query generation
Assists in optimizing workflow
Allows focus on other project areas
Enables faster query results
Encourages Prisma performance optimization


Limited to Prisma schemas
No multi-database support
Lacks complex query generation
No offline usage
No customization options
No query optimization assistance
No integration with development environments
Lacks query error detection
Dependent on GPT-4 model
No tutorial or guides available


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Is PrismaGPT a paid service or is it free?
Will PrismaGPT improve the efficiency of my Prisma application?
Where can I access PrismaGPT?
Does PrismaGPT have a user-friendly interface?
How do I get started with PrismaGPT?
Can PrismaGPT help me save time in developing my Prisma application?
How does PrismaGPT optimize my workflow?
What kind of data can I query using PrismaGPT?
Can I use PrismaGPT for complex SQL queries?
Do I need to know SQL to use PrismaGPT?
Can PrismaGPT handle multiple schemas?
Can I get technical support for PrismaGPT?


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