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Simplified natural language DB queries.
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Simple Answer is an AI tool that allows users to interact with their database using natural language queries. It simplifies the process of retrieving information from a PostgreSQL database by emulating a conversation with a human.

To get started, users need to configure a connection string for their Postgres database. It is recommended to use a read replica for improved performance and data security.

Once the connection is established, users can begin asking questions about the desired information. The tool retrieves the schema of the database, enabling users to access data from different tables and columns.

This feature helps users to understand the structure of the database and frame accurate queries. For those who want to experiment and explore the tool's functionalities, Simple Answer offers test databases provided by UI Bakery.

These databases allow users to practice and try out the tool's capabilities without affecting their own data.Simple Answer was created by Ilya, who can be contacted via their Twitter handle.

It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily interact with and retrieve information from their database using plain language. By eliminating the need for complex query language, Simple Answer streamlines database queries and enhances the accessibility of data for users of all skill levels.


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Simple Answer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Simplified natural language DB queries
Configurable connection string
Compatible with Postgres database
Workable on read replica
Retrieve database schema
Access to different tables/columns
Offers test databases
Streamlined database queries
Enhanced accessibility for all
User-friendly interface
Eliminates need for query language
Created by Individual developer


Only supports PostgreSQL
Requires manual connection configuration
No API support
No autonomous learning capabilities
Over-reliance on schema retrieval
Requires a read replica for performance
Limited user support
No security features mentioned
No multi-language support
Lacks advanced query capabilities


What is Simple Answer?
How does Simple Answer work?
What databases does Simple Answer support?
How do I configure a connection string in Simple Answer?
Is it safe to use Simple Answer with my database?
What does 'use the read replica' mean in Simple Answer?
How fast can Simple Answer retrieve the schema of my database?
How can Simple Answer help me understand the structure of my database?
What can I ask Simple Answer about my database?
Do I need to know SQL to use Simple Answer?
Does Simple Answer offer practice databases for experimenting?
Who created Simple Answer?
How can I contact the creator of Simple Answer?
What does the user interface of Simple Answer look like?
Can Simple Answer interact with multiple tables in my database?
Does Simple Answer augment the accessibility of data for non-technical users?
How reliable is Simple Answer for data retrieval?
Can Simple Answer handle complex database structures?
Does Simple Answer offer any performance enhancements?
How does Simple Answer improve the process of retrieving information from a database?


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