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Automated sales with integrated CRM.
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Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered sales assistant tool that aims to automate the sales process for sales reps. It helps sales reps by integrating with their CRM system to ensure that incoming leads are handled correctly and that sales tasks are delegated efficiently among team members. also provides accurate data thanks to CRM integration and eliminates the need for sales reps to remember follow-ups. This leads to more notes after calls and meetings with up to 52% accuracy.

Additionally, automates reporting by integrating with telephone, email, and calendar platforms, which results in significant time savings. The tool enables field sales effectiveness growth up to 24%, and provides extensive analytics for sales managers.

It also offers functionalities that can improve the efficiency of sales departments of all sizes. ensures data security and follows proper cybersecurity protocols.

It is highly praised for its mixture of technology and deep understanding of the sales process. The product is being used by several reputed companies, and its customer support is highly responsive.

Overall, it provides a well-rounded solution for sales teams looking to automate their sales process and maximize the accuracy of their data.


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Pros and Cons


Integrated CRM
Automates sales process
Incoming lead handling
Efficient task delegation
Up to 52% accuracy
Automated reporting
Time-saving features
Enhances field sales effectiveness
Extensive sales analytics
Suitable for all departments
Ensures data security
Cybersecurity protocol adherence
Mix of tech and sales know-how
Used by reputed firms
Responsive customer support
Lead distribution
Follow-up reminders
Integration with communication tools
Improves sales department functioning
75-hour time saving reported
Comprehensive understanding of sales
Continuously expanded functionalities
Reliable sales assistance
Effective for sales reps
Solves CRM usage dislike
Integrates with manager reporting


No offline mode
Limited CRM compatibility
No multi-language support
Over-reliance on integrations
Doesn't support custom workflows
No mobile app available
Data visualization lacks depth
Limited analytics capabilities
Unclear pricing structure
No chatbot features


What is
How does automate the sales process?
Can integrate with my existing CRM system?
What features does offer to improve field sales effectiveness?
How does ensure data security?
What analytics does provide for sales managers?
How does delegate sales tasks among team members?
How can increase the accuracy of my sales data?
What platforms can integrate with for report automation?
Will work for small-scale sales departments?
Which reputed companies use
How responsive is customer support?
How does improve after-call and meeting notes accuracy?
Why choose as a sales assistant tool?
What is the potential time savings when using
Can work on my smartphone?
How does distribute incoming leads?
What kind of technology does use?
What is the pricing structure for
How can I sign up for a demo of


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