Q&A 02 Mar 2023
DB generates Q&A bots, imports data, semantic search.

Generated by ChatGPT

Xata offers a serverless database platform that incorporates OpenAI's ChatGPT to add value to data by building Q&A bots to answer questions on websites, applications, documentation, and knowledge bases.

The tool provides a fully-featured database that includes built-in full-text search and vector search, tuning capabilities for ChatGPT, and generous free-tier support for up to 750K records and 15GB for free, including OpenAI API calls.With Xata, users can easily integrate their data into the tool by importing information from CSV, using Javascript, Typescript, or Python SDKs to populate the database, and then call the API to generate results.

The search step is essential for getting the best results, and Xata supports both keyword and semantic search by generating relevant keywords based on the question or finding relevant documents using vector similarity.Xata's ChatGPT can be easily configured by weighing columns and configuring value boosters through its UI.

The tool provides a serverless data platform, making it easier and faster for developers and non-developers alike, and comes with a type-safe data layer and straightforward documentation.

Xata offers a generous free-tier and allows customers to scale up as their needs grow, making it an ideal platform for both small and large-scale operations.


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