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QuizWhiz is an AI-powered tool that is designed to generate quizzes from any provided text. The quizzes created by the tool can be in various formats including multiple-choice, true or false, or fill in the blanks, making it ideal for educational or training scenarios.

The tool accepts text as input either through direct input, PDF file uploads, or image uploads of scans. It is useful for teachers creating quizzes or exams, as well as students looking to create self-study materials.

The AI system within QuizWhiz is capable of understanding the context and key details of the provided document, thus generating relevant and accurate questions that reflect the main ideas and facts of the material.

Users also have the flexibility to control the volume of questions generated according to their needs. The quizzes that are generated can be downloaded in various formats such as text or JSON files.


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Nov 17, 2023
Which of the following forms of renewable energy has the greatest potential in Africa A. Methane B. Solar energy C. Hydro-electricity D. Geothermal energy

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Pros and Cons


Generates MCQs from text
Differentiates between similar words
Free package available
Affordable pricing plans
PDF file upload
Multiple quiz formats
Accepts image uploads
Creates study materials
Context understanding
Control over question volume
Quizzes downloadable (text/JSON)
Suitable for education/training
Support contact provided


Lacks image recognition capabilities
No API for integration
Output only in text/JSON
Limited question formats
Basic and Pro constraints
No live support
Can't handle large volumes
No collaboration options
No customization in question algorithms
Limited output format support


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In what formats can I download quizzes from QuizWhiz?
Does QuizWhiz support image uploads of scans as text?
What types of quizzes can QuizWhiz generate?
How does QuizWhiz understand the context and key details of the provided document?
Can I control the volume of questions generated with QuizWhiz?
Who can benefit from using QuizWhiz?
Is QuizWhiz free to use for individuals getting started?
Can I use QuizWhiz for self-study materials?
Can I contact the admin for support or queries about QuizWhiz?
What are the suitable scenarios to use QuizWhiz?
How can I register for QuizWhiz?
Does QuizWhiz allow creation of 'fill in the blanks' type of quizzes?
Why would I choose the Pro package over the Basic?
What is the maximum text limit that I can provide to QuizWhiz for a single run?

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