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Quizgecko is a versatile AI-powered platform offering various study tools. The AI component primarily serves as a question generator, allowing users to automatically create quizzes and tests from their content.

More than just multiple-choice questions, Quizgecko enables generation of true or false, short answer essay, matching, and fill-in-the-blank style questions.

Deriving content from uploaded documents such as PDFs, DOCs, and PPTs, it can transform anything into a complete quiz with answers and explanations. In addition to generating quizzes, the platform can automate the creation of digital flashcards from user notes and offers a feature called 'Spaced Repetition' to help optimize learning.

This feature intelligently repeats the concepts that users struggle with most, and is said to enhance memory retention. Quizgeckos AI not only helps in creating quizzes but also steps in to grade responses, particularly handy for short answer and essay questions.

It provides accurate scores and feedback, helping users continue to learn and improve. Users can track their progress with a unique Mastery Score that considers performance, review frequency, and question difficulty.

The platform is accessible on mobile devices, enabling learning on the go. Users can convert notes or textbook photos into tailor-made quizzes using the mobile app.

Serving a wide audience, this platform is useful for students seeking smarter ways to study, educators needing efficient content creation and grading tools, and businesses looking for quick assessment creation methods to boost knowledge and evaluate skills.


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Nov 15, 2023
Hands down the best AI powered question generator out there. High quality questions, easy to use and very easy to share quizzes.

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Pros and Cons


Generates quizzes from text
Generates quizzes from URL
Text from books, articles
Text from documents, websites
Works with technical documentation
Multiple question types
Multiple choice support
True/false questions support
Short answer questions support
Fill in the blank questions
Set difficulty level of questions
Set number of questions
Select the language of the quiz
Chrome extension availability
Convert PowerPoint files to quizzes
Pro feature for 5,000 character input
Quiz generation of up to 10 questions
Access all languages feature
Generate and share quizzes feature
Automated creation of digital flashcards
Spaced Repetition feature
Automated Grading of responses
Mastery Score tracking
Mobile device accessibility
Convert images of notes into quizzes
Variety of user applications
Automated grading for short answers
Automated grading for essay questions
Provides accurate scores and feedback
Automatic flashcards from user's notes
Supports CSV export
Converts text into quizzes
Quizzes can be embedded on webpages
Automation of flashcard creation
Grades and provides feedback
Offers mobile app with functionalities
Various question types in quizzes
Share, Export & Embed feature
Stores automatically generated quizzes
Auto-grading quizzes
Stats & Reporting on quizzes
Utilizes uploaded documents for content
Can be used for assessments
Proven learning science algorithms used
PDF, DOC, PPT files for quiz creation
Supports multiple languages for quizzes
Integration with learning management systems
Creates quizzes from YouTube transcripts


Limited to 10 questions
Pro feature restricts characters
Chrome extension required for webpage quizzes
No free trial offered
Requires document conversion for PPTs
Accurate results demands factual text
API for developers only
Flashcard creation tied to user notes
Textbook photos conversion to quizzes only for mobile app

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