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Bytheo pharisien
A playful chatbot specializing in lyric-based blind tests.
GPT welcome message: Ready for a lyric-based blind test? Let's play!
Sample prompts:
Guess the song from these lyrics:
Which artist sang these words?
Here's a lyric snippet, can you identify the song?
I'm thinking of a song with these lyrics:
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Lyric Master is a GPT designed as a playful chatbot specializing in lyric-based blind tests, making it an interesting tool for music lovers and trivia enthusiasts alike.

This interaction-based GPT utilizes the capabilities of ChatGPT and extends them towards a distinct, music-centric application. Its main function revolves around posing challenges to the user to identify songs or artists based on given lyrical examples.

Lyric Master's operations are initiated with a warm welcome message that sets the stage by asking if the user is ready for a lyric-based blind test, initiating the gaming experience.

The GPT expands its interactions using prompt starters that could range from asking to guess the song from the displayed lyrics or challenging to identify the singer of the given words.

Synthetically, Lyric Master provides a gaming interface, interestingly molded into a chatbot, to test and expand users' knowledge of song lyrics, thus offering both entertainment and learning in a unique blend.

By combining the technology of AI with the world of music, Lyric Master paves the way for innovative, fun-filled interactions that resonate with music fanatics.

Its use and functionality require an active ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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