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Song analysis and lyric interpretation
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SONOTELLER.AI is a music analysis tool powered by artificial intelligence that allows users to analyze song lyrics and music. It listens to music and creates a comprehensive summary of the song, including identifying musical attributes such as genres, subgenres, moods, instruments, BPM, and key.

The tool also identifies the "golden minute" of a song, which highlights the chorus or other important sections. SONOTELLER.AI is still in beta, so users may experience some random issues and delays.

On average, it takes about a minute to analyze both lyrics and music. Users can integrate with SONOTELLER.AI through the RapidAPI platform and access its API endpoints to automate music analysis and tagging on a larger scale.With SONOTELLER.AI, both music enthusiasts and industry professionals can better understand and organize their music catalogs.

The tool provides meaningful information about a song's lyrics and music properties, including language recognition, explicit content flagging, main genres and subgenres, main instruments played, moods, and more.

This automatic tagging makes music easier to understand and discover across multiple digital streaming platforms. It can also assist with search engine optimization, playlist creation, recommendations, audience profiling, and other music-related tasks.SONOTELLER.AI has been featured in Fast Company, Generative Courier, and Digital Trends.

Users can use the tool by searching for an artist and song title or by pasting the YouTube video URL into the search box. For users with their own music files, SONOTELLER.AI offers an API for integrating with catalog management workflows.

Customization and categorization options are available by contacting the SONOTELLER team.


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