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Instant song mastering with a commercial standard.
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Songmastr is an AI-based automatic song mastering service that allows users to instantly master their songs to a commercial reference track. The service is free up to 7 songs per week, and is powered by the open source library Matchering.

The algorithm applies the same RMS, FR, peak amplitude and stereo width as the reference track chosen by the user. The service does not require any software or registration and is easy to use - simply upload a song or beat from your computer and the processing will begin, after which the download button will appear and the song can be downloaded.

The service only accepts songs of up to 10 minutes and 80MB in length due to server limitations, and users can view examples of audio mastering in the examples section.


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Pros and Cons


Free up to 7 songs/week
Uses open source library Matchering
Applies RMS, FR, peak amplitude, stereo width
No software requirement
No registration requirement
Instant processing
Secure file handling (deleted after 24 hours)
Allows user defined reference track
Easy to use
Offers paid plans for additional masterings
Songs up to 10 minutes supported
Works with WAV and MP3 files
Sample audio mastering examples available
Accessible Terms of Use
Automated online mastering service
Simple upload, process, download workflow
Works well for properly mixed tracks
Conditions the track as per chosen reference
Available resource for FAQ
Affordable premium plan


Limited to 10-minute tracks
Max file size 80MB
Limited mastering parameters
Requires good mix pre-uploading
7 songs per week free
Requires genre matching references
No registration (privacy concern)
Must upload own reference track
Storage deletes after 24 hours


What is Songmastr?
How does Songmastr work?
What is the maximum length and size of a song that Songmastr can master?
Is it necessary to register before using Songmastr?
How much does Songmastr cost?
What is the open source library matchering that powers Songmastr?
Does the service of Songmastr require any software?
How many songs can be mastered for free per week using Songmastr?
What happens if my song exceeds the 10 minutes or 80MB limit of Songmastr?
What things should I keep in mind when choosing the reference track?
How should I preprocess my target track before uploading it to Songmastr?
How quickly does Songmastr process songs?
How secure is it to upload my songs to Songmastr?
Does Songmastr accept .wav and .mp3 files?
Why should I leave volume headroom in my mixed track?
What happens after I upload my song to Songmastr?
What is the importance of RMS, FR, peak amplitude and stereo width in song mastering on Songmastr?
Why should I not apply a limiter to my mix before uploading to Songmastr?
Do I need to pay after mastering 7 songs per week on Songmastr?
Can I check examples of audio mastering on Songmastr before using it?


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