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Generative AI for music production.
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Beat Shaper is a creative tool designed for musicians that uses state-of-the-art generative AI algorithms to aid in music production. The tool is primarily oriented towards providing solutions for creating beats, melodies, basslines, and VST synthesizer presets.

Users can also generate editable MIDI to directly control their music software and hardware. In addition, Beat Shaper allows for the production of original drum and audio samples, and the crafting of diverse basslines.

Beat Shaper's AI is trained to generate a broad spectrum of underground electronic music thereby accommodating a multitude of music styles. Unique to Beat Shaper is its capability of dynamically generating melodies based on user input.

With DAW integration, artists can add artificial intelligence to their digital audio workstations. Furthermore, musicians can arrange the generated loops and patterns into complex performances.

Navigating the tool can be achieved via text prompts for a more general guidance or sliders for a more precise control over particular stylistic aspects.

The tool includes a beta testing phase, providing early access to the software before the general release. Beat Shaper emphasizes user creativity, serving as a co-creation assistant for users to break through potential obstacles such as writer's block.

Artists maintain full rights to the generative output of the tool.


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Pros and Cons


Generates beats, melodies, basslines
Creates VST synthesizer presets
Editable MIDI generation
Produces original drum samples
Multi-style music generation
Dynamic melody creation from input
DAW integration
Complex performance arrangements
Guidance via text prompts
Slider controls for precision
Includes beta testing phase
Co-creation assistant for breakthroughs
Full rights to generative output
Aids in overcoming writer's block
Supported by INiTS
Generative songs feature
VST Patches generation
Generates original audio samples
Underground electronic music generation
User maintains output ownership
From House to Drum & Bass
Generates individual style beats
Early access option
Crafts diverse basslines


Beta testing phase
DAW integration necessary
Focused on underground electronic music
Limited to VST synthesizer presets
Possibly confusing navigation
Not available till 2024
Requires user input for melody
Limits to beat, melody, bassline
Pricing details unclear


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What range of music styles can Beat Shaper's AI generate?
How does Beat Shaper generate melodies based on user input?
Can I add Beat Shaper to my digital audio workstation?
How do I navigate and control Beat Shaper?
What is the meaning of Beat Shaper's beta testing phase?
How can Beat Shaper help me with writer's block?
Do I maintain full rights to the music generated by Beat Shaper?
How do I generate drum and audio samples with Beat Shaper?
Can Beat Shaper craft diverse basslines for my music?
How does Beat Shaper assist in creating complex performance arrangements?
Can Beat Shaper generate music for diverse underground electronic music styles?
What is the role of Beat Shaper in augmenting human creativity in music production?
Is it possible to refine and edit Beat Shaper's generative output in my music production workflow?
How can Beat Shaper be used to break through creative obstacles in music production?
How can I gain early access to Beat Shaper?

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