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Soundry AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed for musicians by musicians. The tool seeks to transform music production by offering a versatile platform that abandons the typical constraints of standard sample libraries.

It offers a downloadable VST3 plugin or desktop app for various operating systems including Windows and Apple Silicon. Users can leverage the power of AI to generate high-quality samples much faster than conventional sound design methods.

The tool prides itself on promoting unlimited experimentations with its ability to tweak sounds endlessly until the optimal variation for a project is determined.

With an accessible interface, Soundry AI can be efficiently utilized by both novice and experienced music creators. The platform also provides a glossary for inspiration, an extensive treasure-like resource designed to spark creativity.One of the unique features of Soundry AI is its ability to yield completely unique results, enabling artists to craft music that distinctively resonates with their style.

It also has an artist partnership program, which allows artists to license their songs and samples to aid in the training of the AI model. Soundry is thus a platform built on mutual benefit, as artists can have their sounds added to the model, enhancing the diversity and richness of the tool's capabilities.


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Pros and Cons


Designed for musicians
Abandons sample library constraints
Cross-platform VST3 plugin
Desktop app available
Promotes unlimited experimentation
Efficient for all skill levels
Inspiration glossary included
Produces unique sound results
Artist partnership program
Sound addition enhances tool
Novelty in sound design
Quick production of samples
Accessible interface
Rich, diverse sound capabilities
Windows and Apple Silicon support
Mutual beneficial artist platform


No mobile app
No Linux version
Requires VST3 compatibility
Potential Style Mimicry
Limited to Soundry's database
Non-realtime sound generation
Limited to music production
Dependency on licensed sounds


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How is Soundry AI different from standard sample libraries?
How does Soundry AI promote unlimited music experimentations?
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How can Soundry AI help to transform music production?
What are some of the testimonials from users of Soundry AI?
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Can I download the Soundry AI app on my desktop?
Is there a community or forum where I can interact with other Soundry AI users?


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