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Helps compose music and generate lyrics.
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JukeGPT is a generative AI tool designed for musicians to assist in creating melodies, lyrics, and chord progressions. The tool allows users to select a genre such as pop, country, rock, or classical music and prompts the models via a few-shot process using OpenAI models and a library of annotated musical works.

JukeGPT provides options for users to control the generated music by selecting between major or minor scales and adjusting the BPM of the generated tune.

Additionally, JukeGPT offers lyric generation services to suggest ideas to match the melody. The tool claims to be able to generate one-of-a-kind melodies and ensures originality via a rigorous evaluation process that compares each result against their extensive training samples.

The pricing structure is based on a per-usage basis and free credits are offered to get started. JukeGPT aims to help kickstart musicians' creativity and unlock unlimited possibilities.

The tool is targeted towards both hobbyist and commercial musicians looking for fresh musical ideas. Overall, JukeGPT is a powerful tool that utilizes generative AI to help musicians who may be facing creative blocks or need inspiration to kickstart their music production process.


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Pros and Cons


Generates melodies
Creates lyrics
Generates chord progressions
Genre selection feature
Control over music scale
Adjustable BPM
Boosts musical creativity
Targeted towards hobbyist and commercial use
Rigorous originality evaluation
Per-usage pricing
Free start-up credits
Helps with creative blocks
Built on annotated musical library


Per usage pricing
Can't upload user's music
No adaptability to user's style
Limited genre selection
No real-time generation
No offline mode
No harmony creation


What is JukeGPT?
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Does JukeGPT allow me to adjust the BPM of the tune?
What is the few-shot process in JukeGPT?
How does JukeGPT ensure the originality of the generated melody?
Who is the primary target user of JukeGPT?
How much does it cost to use JukeGPT?
Is a free trial or free credits offered for JukeGPT?
How can JukeGPT help me if I'm facing a creative block?
Is JukeGPT useful for commercial music projects?
What is the waitlist for JukeGPT?
What is the purpose of the library of annotated musical works in JukeGPT?
Can JukeGPT help me complete my song with lyric suggestions?
Are the generated melodies by JukeGPT unique?
Can JukeGPT assist in choosing major or minor scales for my music?
What kind of AI does JukeGPT use?
How does JukeGPT use OpenAI models?


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