Music creation 2024-02-16
Create royalty free music with AI for your brand.
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Riff is an AI-based tool designed to create royalty-free music specifically tailored for brand advertisements, YouTube videos, and games. The concept behind Riff is to let users craft perfect soundtracks that suit their unique vibe in a matter of seconds.

It provides an ability to choose from a broad spectrum of genres, such as rock, EDM, classical, Bollywood, hip hop, psychedelic, pop, country, and jazz.

Additionally, it lets users describe their desired sound effect, providing an even more personalized musical output. Riff functions on a credit-based system, where each soundtrack generated consumes one credit.

It also allows users to control the audio duration of their compositions to best fit their needs. The tool features inspirations in an array of diverse genres and styles to stimulate users' creativity.

Riff's aim is to make soundtrack creation effortless and accessible while maintaining a high standard of quality. It appears to be a cost-effective solution for bespoke music creation.


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Riff was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Creates royalty-free music
Tailored for advertisements
Ideal for YouTube videos
Great for games
Crafts soundtracks quickly
Broad spectrum of genres
Enables sound effect descriptions
Personalized musical output
Credit-based system
Controls audio duration
Genre-specific music creation
Cost-effective bespoke music
Inspires user creativity
Easy soundtrack creation
High quality output
Adjustable composition durations
Genre selection feature
Soundtrack for brand vibe
On-demand music creation
Affordable music composition
Efficient music solution
Tailored sound output
Specific effect description
Music for unique needs
Wide genre assortment
Customizable music lengths
Quality music production
Quick soundtrack results
Music fitting unique needs
Economical original music
Effortless music crafting
Supports diverse music styles
Caters to varied ecosystems
Instant soundtrack generation
Affordable audio solution
Efficient credit system
Flexible composition control
Tailored for your mood
User-friendly interface
Caters to individual interest
Inspires musical creativity
Seamless soundtrack production
1 credit per soundtrack
Helpful for brand vibe
Quality at affordable cost


Limited genre selection
Credit-based system
No offline mode
Limited audio duration control
No collaborative features
Lacks tutorial/guides
No integration with DAWs
No multi-language support


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How can I control the audio duration in Riff?
What is the purpose of the 'inspirations' featured by Riff?
Is Riff suitable for creating music for YouTube videos?
Can Riff create music for games?
Does Riff provide sound effects for the music?
How user-friendly is Riff for crafting soundtracks?
How cost-effective is using Riff?
Can I use Riff for brand advertisements?
Does Riff allow describing the desired sound effect?
How quickly can a soundtrack be crafted using Riff?
Does Riff support creation of bespoke music?
How does the music created by Riff suit a user's unique vibe?
How broad is the spectrum of genres available in Riff?


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