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The AI Music Generator offered by Loudly is a tool that allows users to create original music using artificial intelligence technology. Users can select a specific genre and the desired length of the music, and the AI system will generate a unique track within seconds.

This tool aims to assist and enhance creativity by automating music creation, allowing users to focus on other aspects of video production or content creation.

In addition to the music generator, Loudly's music library offers access to a selection of royalty-free tracks that can be licensed with a single purchase for use in videos, podcasts, websites, and other forms of media.

The site provides a simple search function and browsing tools to help users find the most fitting tracks for their projects. Loudly also has an AI Recommender feature that suggests music based on a user's preferences, as well as pre-made playlists available for browsing.

The catalog can be accessed through their website or mobile app, which is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. To access all features, users must create an account and pay a subscription fee, although a free trial period is offered.

Loudly's website provides links to their terms of use, license agreement, privacy policy, and imprint, to ensure transparency and legal compliance. Overall, the Loudly AI Music Generator provides users with a practical tool to generate original music quickly and easily, as well as a comprehensive library of royalty-free tracks for their media projects.


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Jun 13, 2023
amazing music!

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Pros and Cons


Generates music in seconds
Genre selection feature
Customizable music length
Automates music creation
Royalty-Free Music Library
Single purchase license
Pre-made playlist options
Website and mobile app availability
Multiple platform support (IOS, Android)
Comprehensive search function
Transparent legal policies
Subscription-based, with trial period
Links to legal documents
Easy account creation
User preference integration


Subscription based
Mobile app download required
Limited genre selection
Dependent on user's preferences
No offline use
Account creation necessary
No API for developers
Dependent on JavaScript
Limited free trial period


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Does Loudly offer a free trial?
How do I pay for Loudly's subscription?
Is there a mobile app for Loudly?
How does the AI Recommender feature on Loudly work?
Can I create a playlist with Loudly?
How fast can Loudly create a music track?
Can I use Loudly to find music for my youtube channel?
What is the selection of genres available in Loudly?
Does Loudly have any legal compliance links available?
Where can I find Loudly's terms of use?
How can I find suitable tracks on Loudly?
Can Loudly suggest music based on my preferences?
How can I license royalty-free tracks from Loudly?


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