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AI-Generated Tabs & Chords for Any Song
Generated by ChatGPT

Lamucal is an artificial intelligence-enhanced tool designed for generating tabs, chords, lyrics, and melodies of any song. It can swiftly convert music or songs from an array of sources such as YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, and MP3 into playable chords.

Users can also edit, transpose and separate tracks with ease. Apart from generating music details, Lamucal offers precise lyric synchronization, ensuring that the lyrics align perfectly with the chords and rhythm patterns.

It also possesses an interactive learning feature which could be valuable for musicians wanting to play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano. Users can explore a vast selection of over 40 million songs, varying from classic songs to new songs of the month, providing a broad scope for musical exploration and learning.

Furthermore, the tool includes an accurate chord matching feature to fine-tune your music playing experience. Lamucal is not confined to a desktop version but has a mobile application available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Integration with social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube extends its reach, permitting users to share their musical exploits.


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Pros and Cons


Generates tabs, chords, melodies
Converts songs from diverse sources
Allows track editing
Offers track transposition
Facilitates track separation
Precise lyric synchronization
Interactive learning feature
Extensive song database
Accurate chord matching
Desktop and mobile availability
Social media platform integration
Lyric and rhythm alignment
Supports multiple instruments
Discovery feature for music exploration
Updates with new songs
Availability of classic songs
Ease of song access
Fast track conversion
Compatible with iOS and Android
Allows sharing on social media
Auto-rhythm pattern generation


Lacks offline functionality
Potential copyright infringement
Lacks advanced editing tools
No other language support
No support for other instruments
Limited social media integrations
Limited to four sources
No version control for edits
No collaborative features
Lacks MIDI support


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Does Lamucal have a mobile application?
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What's the range of song selection in Lamucal?
Is it possible to separate tracks using Lamucal?
Can Lamucal generate tabs, chords, lyrics, and melodies of any song?
Can I share my music from Lamucal to Facebook or other social media platforms?
Is the Lamucal mobile application available on both iOS and Android platforms?
Does Lamucal allow for music editing?
Can I play along with songs on Lamucal using my guitar or ukulele?
Does Lamucal offer accurate chord matching for fine-tuning music playing?
What's the range of songs available on Lamucal, from classic to modern?


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