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Transform audio samples into Vital presets.
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MicroMusic is an AI-driven tool engineered with the purpose of generating Vital synthesizer presets from audio samples. The challenge presented by configuring synthesizers forms the core problem this tool seeks to address.

Traditional configuration of synthesizers can be time-consuming and requires persistent iteration even when one has a clear idea of the intended sound and a reference sample.

This tool aims to offer an optimized solution by performing the complex configuration process automatically. Using MicroMusic, the user can input an audio sample and receive a Vital preset file as output.

The simplicity of this process belies complex, state-of-the-art machine learning mechanisms working behind the scenes. These mechanisms are tasked with finding the optimal parameters that will enable the tool to create the closest matching preset possible.

Despite the complex processes involved, the user interface provided is concise and user-friendly, ensuring that users of diverse skill levels can leverage its features effectively.


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MicroMusic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates Vital synthesizer presets
Automates synth configuration
Transforms audio samples into presets
Outputs Vital preset files
State-of-the-art machine learning
Optimal parameters selection
Closest preset match possible
Concise and user-friendly interface
Effectively caters diverse skill levels
Significant time-saving
Removes need for iteration
Simplifies complex processes
Eliminates hard part of configuration
Version updates available
Free download available


Only for Vital synthesizer
Lacks manual configuration options
No multi-sample processing
Single preset output
Limited to audio samples
No real-time processing
Non-editable output presets
Limited user interface customization
No batch processing options


What is MicroMusic?
How does MicroMusic generate Vital presets from audio samples?
What is the main problem MicroMusic trying to address?
Why is configuring synthesizers a challenging process?
What kind of audio sample do I input into MicroMusic?
What kind of output does MicroMusic provide?
How does MicroMusic's machine learning work?
What does it mean that MicroMusic finds the 'optimal parameters'?
How do I ensure I get the 'closest matching preset' with MicroMusic?
Is MicroMusic user-friendly for beginners?
Can MicroMusic only be used with the Vital synthesizer?
Why is MicroMusic better than traditional configuration of synthesizers?
Is MicroMusic available for download?
What changes were introduced in MicroMusic Version 1.1?
What sound design features does MicroMusic offer?
How does MicroMusic's 'Sample-to-Preset' process work?
Why is MicroMusic considered an 'automated configuration' tool?
Where can I access more information about MicroMusic's features?
Does MicroMusic have a free version or trial period?
Is there any tutorial or guide to using MicroMusic effectively?


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