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Realistic vocals for generating music.
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Emvoice One is a next-generation vocal synthesizer plugin (VST/AU/AAX) designed to make realistic vocal sounds. It is available for Mac/PC and can be purchased for a one-time fee.

It features several voice options which include Keela, Lucy, Jay and Thomas. Keela and Lucy both have a natural range of D2-G4 and E2-A4 respectively, with an extended range of C0-C5.

Jay has a natural range of E1-C4 and Thomas is a classic vocoder with a range of C0-C5. With Emvoice One you can draw musical phrases as notes and assign a text box to each phrase.

The typed words are sent to the cloud and Emvoice One is ready to sing instantly. It requires an internet connection for use and is free to try in demo mode.

The demo is limited to seven notes. Emvoice One can also create harmonies and has an extensive FAQ section to help with any issues.


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Pros and Cons


Realistic vocal sounds
Multiple voice options
Mac/PC compatibility
One-time fee purchase
Draw musical phrases
Instant singing
Creates harmonies
Extensive FAQ
Free demo available
Diverse vocal ranges
Cloud-based processing
Classic vocoder included
Easy phrase text assignment
Internet connection required
Business transparency
Active social media presence
Ready-mixed voices
Supports commercial projects
Multilingual capabilities
Effective user account system
Automatic updates
Ablility to import MIDI
Up-to-date plug-in system
Phoneme list available
Refund policy available
Clear terms of service
Respectful privacy policy
Accessible customer support
Lyrics synchronize with notes


Requires internet connection for use
Limited range of voices
Demo limited to seven notes
License purchases separate from software
No standalone version, needs VST/AU/AAX host


What is Emvoice One?
What are the voice options available on Emvoice One?
What is the range of each voice option in Emvoice One?
How do I assign a text box to each musical phrase in Emvoice One?
Why does Emvoice One require an internet connection for use?
What are the limitations of the Emvoice One demo mode?
Can Emvoice One create harmonies?
Where can I find more information if I encounter issues with Emvoice One?
How can I download Emvoice One for Mac or PC?
Is Emvoice One available for a one-time payment or does it require a subscription?
How can I see Emvoice One in action before purchasing?
What are the different pricing options for voice choices in Emvoice One?
Can Emvoice voices be used for commercial projects?
Can Emvoice sing in any other languages besides English?
How does the Emvoice dictionary work?
What is the functionality of Emvoice One's demo mode?
Why does Emvoice One send typed words to the cloud?
How does Emvoice One handle updates?
What software is able to host the Emvoice One plugin?
What is the refund policy of Emvoice One for voice purchases?


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