Music creation 10 May 2020
Customizable music for creators & brands.

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Mubert is an innovative royalty-free music ecosystem for content creators, brands and developers, offering thousands of staff-picked music tracks for streaming, videos, podcasts, commercial use and online content.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mubert enables users to generate high-quality music in a matter of seconds. Mubert Render allows content creators to instantly create soundtracks that perfectly match their content's mood, duration and tempo.

Mubert Studio gives artists the opportunity to earn money on tracks, samples and loops, and Mubert API provides developers and brands with royalty-free music for their product or platform.

Mubert Play serves as an evolving music experience for every occasion, customizing music to suit individual moments. Trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands and organizations, this cutting-edge music platform is revolutionizing the way people create and interact with music.

Mubert was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Thousands of staff-picked tracks
Royalty-free music offering
High-quality music generation
Content-specific soundtracks with Mubert Render
Monetization for artists with Mubert Studio
Royalty-free music API for developers
Music customization with Mubert Play
Suitable for multinational brands
Quick music generation
Producing music for commercial use
Effortless soundtrack creation
Royalty-free background music
Earnings for riffs, loops, samples
Evolving music experience with Mubert Play
Infinite soundtrack for life’s moments
Unique stream for each user
Massive selection of moods
Benefits for musicians
Commission-free music
API for product integration
Musician payment system
Musical consulting for business
Integrated mood selection
API for programming
Customized tracks for content
Seamless integration in content
Platform-specific tailoring of tracks
Collaborative creation process
Highly customizable experience
Enables real-time soundtrack customization
Enhances user experience
Intuitive user interface
Streaming quality music
Works on multiple platforms
Optimized for artists
Enables creativity
Algorithmic collaboration


Not open-source
Restricted personal use license
No explicit mention of cross-platform compatibility
Music quality not assured
Not for offline use
Limited soundtracks customization
No guarantees on unique soundtracks


What is Mubert?
Does Mubert offer royalty-free music?
How does Mubert use AI in music creation?
What is Mubert Render?
What is Mubert Studio and how can artists benefit?
Does Mubert offer an API for developers?
Can I customize my own soundtracks with Mubert Render?
What features does Mubert Play offer?
Who are the brands and organizations that trust Mubert?
How does Mubert generate high-quality music using AI?
Can I earn money from my tracks, samples and loops on Mubert?
What is the purpose of the 'Sign Up' and 'Log in' options on Mubert's platform?
What is Mubert API for?
How do I create a Mubert Studio account?
Can I listen to Mubert's AI-generated music on other platforms?
How fast does Mubert generate a track?
How can I contribute to Mubert?
Can I use Mubert's music for commercial purposes?
Is Mubert available for both artists and content creators?
What is an AI generative music ecosystem?

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