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Generate AI soundtrack that will fit your content’s mood and duration.
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Mubert is an AI-driven royalty-free music ecosystem designed to cater to the needs of content creators, brands and developers. The platform leverages the capabilities of AI in tandem with the creativity of music producers to generate music tailored to fit contents' mood and duration.

Mubert offers different products including Mubert Render, Mubert Studio, Mubert API, and Mubert Play. Mubert Render allows content creators to generate AI soundtracks perfectly suited to their content.

With Mubert Studio, artists can contribute samples and loops, and team up with AI to produce music, providing an opportunity to monetize their unused music elements.

Mubert API caters to developers and brands by providing original AI music for products, facilitating a personalized AI music experience to complement their brand ethos.

The music generated is stress-free and royalty-free, liberating businesses to use it across different platforms.Mubert Play is designed for listeners, providing AI-generated tunes to suit any moment, crafting an infinite AI soundtrack based on chosen moods or intentions.

Finally, Mubert ensures that musicians' contributions aren't wasted and helps artists unlock their music's infinite potential with AI, reaching more people with AI generated music.


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May 10, 2024
Hubert is no longer good.. Trust's garbage
Jan 18, 2024
Har chhat pe chandni, har lamha hai rangeen, Rap ki zubaani se, likha hai yeh sheher ka

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Pros and Cons


Royalty-free music ecosystem
Quick high-quality music generation
Customized soundtracks with Render
Monetization with Mubert Studio
Royalty-free product music with API
Personalized music experiences with Play
Suits content's mood and duration
Musicians can contribute samples
Stress-free music usage
Collaboration opportunities for musicians
Music suited for specific moments
Tailored music for specific brands
Unused music elements monetization
Customizable music parameters
Tracks perfect for varying platforms
Integration opportunities with other software
Music creation paid opportunities
Infinite potential of musicians' music
Music for varying moods with Play
Wide brand and organization trust
Supports commercial music use
In-app listening possibilities
Seamless process for soundtrack creation
Quality audio material for platforms
Infinite potential for unused music
Trusted by big brands


No offline functionality
Music quality inconsistent
Limited customization options
No human support
No multi-language support
High data usage
Limited genre options
No copyright protection
Long buffering times


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