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AI Studio is a tool developed by HookSounds that allows users to generate custom music tracks for their videos. The tool simplifies the creative process by providing an automated solution that can find the perfect fit for the video with just a few clicks.

Users can subscribe to AI Studio and experience the musical revolution powered by artificial intelligence technology.To use the tool, users can upload their videos and let AI Studio create a soundtrack that matches the context and length of the video.

It is important to note that AI Studio is currently in its beta phase, which means there might be some errors and limitations. Users are encouraged to provide feedback to help shape the tool for a better user experience.AI Studio aims to enhance the creative experience by providing a quick and efficient solution for video creators who require custom music tracks.

With AI Studio, users can save time and effort in finding the right music for their videos. However, it is worth considering the limitations of the tool, given its beta phase.Overall, AI Studio by HookSounds is a valuable tool for video creators looking for a convenient way to generate custom music tracks for their videos, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence technology.


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Aug 13, 2023
Kamosiya song

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Pros and Cons


Generates custom music tracks
Automated music selection
Matches music to video context
Aligns music to video length
Efficient creative process
Time-saving for creators
No saved user videos
Performance feedback utilized
Produces unique soundtracks
Simplifies music choice
Royalty-free music
Legal protection from copyright claims
Various music genres supported


In beta phase
Unexpected errors
Limited capabilities
No guarantee of unique output
Upload size limit 99MB
No offline functionality
Generated tracks may not match context
No customization of generated tracks
Not explicitly free
Tracks not stored on servers


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How can I provide feedback on Hooksounds AI Studio's services?
Why is Hooksounds AI Studio currently in the beta phase?
What kind of technology is Hooksounds AI Studio powered by?
Can I use the music generated by Hooksounds AI Studio for commercial purposes?
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What happens if I encounter errors while using Hooksounds AI Studio?
Can I integrate Hooksounds AI Studio with other apps or services?


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