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Delphos is a high-end music generation software designed to streamline the music making process. It utilizes AI to enable users to create their own professional musical tracks across various genres including jazz, dance, hip-hop, classical, melody, and house.

The software includes a soundworld feature, providing users with the ability to generate melodies and drums and construct up to 100 tracks. It offers a Soundworld trial designer where users can fully utilize its generative capabilities on a pay-as-you-go model.

Under the Soundworld Builder plan, users gain the ability to build their own soundworlds, complemented by unlimited re-training, generation, and options for distribution and monetization.

Additionally, Delphos features Product Builder and on-demand soundworld training. It imparts custom functionality through Delphos API and comprehensive soundworld management.

The software prides itself on being user-friendly and highly customizable to suit the distinctive needs of various users. Ownership of the final output remains with the creator.


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Pros and Cons


Generates professional musical tracks
Soundworld feature
Music across various genres
Create up to 100 tracks
Soundworld trial designer
Pay-as-you-go model
Soundworld Builder plan
Build own soundworlds
Unlimited re-training
Unlimited generation
Options for distribution
Options for monetization
Product Builder
On-demand soundworld training
Delphos API
Soundworld management
Custom functionality
Highly customizable
Creator keeps output ownership
Supports multiple genres
Create melodies and drums
Creates house music
Creates hip-hop tracks
Creates dance tracks
Creates classical music
Creates melody tracks
Creates jazz tracks
Can customise soundworld


May be expensive
Does not support non-musical audio
No support for multi-instrumental tracks
Limited to specifically mentioned genres
No individual sound variation
Pay-as-you-go can add up
Paid trial
Relies heavily on soundworlds
Limited track construction
No beginner-friendly options


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How can I generate melodies and construct tracks with Delphos?
What is the Soundworld trial designer?
What does the Soundworld Builder plan offer?
Can I build my own soundworlds using Delphos?
What is the Product Builder feature in Delphos?
Can I request on-demand soundworld training with Delphos?
What is the custom functionality through Delphos API?
How does the software manage soundworlds?
How user-friendly is Delphos?
In what ways can I customize Delphos to suit my needs?
Who owns the final music output created with Delphos?
What is the pay-as-you-go model in Delphos?
What options does Delphos provide for distribution and monetization?
What is the unlimited re-training in the Soundworld Builder plan?
What is the benefit of Delphos being a high-end music generation software?
How is Delphos highly customizable?


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