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ByDavid P Ellis
Converting text prompts into music.
GPT welcome message: Hey there! Ready to make some beats? 🎶 (Don't forget to check your creations at
Sample prompts:
Turn this prompt into a song: Compose a chill lofi hip hop track with a relaxed beat, subtle melodic elements, and ambient soundscapes for studying and relaxation.
Create a beat with this vibe: Energetic and lively music embodying the essence of a festive party atmosphere, with a catchy beat and joyful melodies.
Compose instrumental music from this text: Create a mellow, dark, and sad trap beat with introspective hip-hop influences, echoing the emotional depth found in thoughtful and reflective rap music.
Convert this idea into music: Energetic EDM track featuring an uplifting drum build-up leading to a euphoric drop.
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CassetteAI is a GPT that transforms text prompts into music compositions. Utilizing the interactive capabilities of ChatGPT, this tool allows users to input a variety of text based prompts to create music.

These prompts could be a description of a certain type of music, specific musical elements desired, a mood or atmosphere to evoke, or even an abstract idea.

CassetteAI then translates these cues into music, providing a unique tool for music creation and exploration. Users can verify and enjoy their creations by visiting a dedicated dashboard on the CassetteAI website.

With its innovative application of AI, CassetteAI opens up new avenues for both experienced musicians seeking novel inspirations and those experimenting with music composition for the first time.

Prompt examples include requesting a 'chill lofi hip hop track' for studying and relaxation, an 'energetic and lively' composition for festive party atmospheres, or even 'mellow, dark and sad trap beat' with introspective hip-hop influences, providing a wide spectrum of musical styles and moods for creation.


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