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Virtuozy Pro is an AI-based music assistant that enables users to create high-quality music with ease. The platform features an array of tools and services, including chord progression generation, lyrics creation, BPM and key detection, audio transcription, mastering, music distribution, and more.

The AI assistant is powered by GPT-4 and offers unlimited usage of each tool for a low monthly subscription fee that includes access to 24/7 customer support.

As a personal musical assistant, Virtuozy Pro aims to help musicians achieve their musical dreams by providing them with cutting-edge tools and services all in one place.

The platform is suitable for emerging and established artists alike who can make use of AI to improve their projects daily. In addition, Virtuozy Pro offers a chatbot called Virtuozy Chat equipped with features such as chord progression generation, lyrics creation, BPM detection, and key finder, among others.

The platform has been designed to streamline the music creation process, taking away the hassle of having to juggle multiple tools to create professional music.

Virtuozy Pro is an all-in-one platform that creates a seamless experience for musicians who want to take their music career to the next level.


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VirtuozyAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chord progression generation
Lyrics creation
BPM detection
Key detection
Audio transcription
Music mastering
Music distribution
Personal musical assistant
Virtuozy Chat feature
All-In-One platform
24/7 customer support
Powered by GPT-4
Generates professional-quality music
Low monthly subscription
Unlimited usage of each tool
Various music production tools
Music distribution
Instant chord progression generator
Track splitting and stems maker
Instant mastering
BPM Key & Chords detector
Suitable for established artists
Suitable for emerging artists
No additional fees
Includes Virtuozy Chat
Helps achieve musical dreams
Simplifies music creation process
Song cloner
No surprise charges
Supports music promotion
Unlimited tool usage
Songbook generation
Song ID card feature
Helps take music career to the next level
Provides cutting-edge tools


Limited to music industry
Subscription based
No free usage
Reliant on GPT-4
Possibly overgeneralized offering
Lacks offline functionality
No mobile application
Unclear copyright arrangements
Limited customer support


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How does Virtuozy Pro help in music distribution?
What subscription plans does Virtuozy Pro offer?
What makes Virtuozy Pro an all-in-one platform for musicians?
What is the BPM Key & Chords Detector feature on Virtuozy Pro?
Does Virtuozy Pro offer customer support?
How does 'Track Splitting and Stems Maker' work on Virtuozy Pro?
How does Virtuozy Pro's lyrics generator differ from other platforms?
What does Virtuozy Pro mean by 'unlimited usage of each tool'?
Does Virtuozy Pro let me master my tracks?
Can Virtuozy Pro help me in transcribing audio?
What is the song ID card feature in Virtuozy Pro?
How can Virtuozy Pro help musicians improve their projects regularly?


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