Music creation 01 Feb 2019
Music creation platform with simple editing.

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Boomy is an AI-powered music-making platform that allows users to create their own original songs with minimal effort. The platform is designed for both novice and experienced musicians, offering a range of features that make it easy to create music.

Boomy’s AI algorithms are trained to generate music based on user input, allowing users to customize their songs and create something entirely unique.

The platform also provides users with the ability to easily share their songs with streaming platforms and join a global community of artists. Boomy’s users have already created 11,687,001 songs, making up 11.49% of the world’s recorded music.

Additionally, Boomy has a library of featured playlists and songs, as well as trending songs, to inspire users in their music-making process.

Boomy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 30th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Minimal input music creation
Beginner and experienced friendly
Generates unique songs
Songs easy to share
Can submit to streaming platforms
Global artists community
Library of inspirational songs
Featured playlists
Trending songs feature
High volume of user creations
Revenue from listened songs
Accessible library


Dependent on JavaScript
Limited editing capabilities
Generative, not expressive
Lacks collaborative features
No offline functionality
No in-built tutorial
No open-source code
Limited music genres
Limited customization options
No API for integration


What is Boomy?
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Can I share my Boomy songs on streaming platforms?
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How many songs have been created on Boomy so far?
What percentage of the world’s recorded music is made up of Boomy's songs?
Is there a library of featured playlists and songs on Boomy?
Can I get inspired by trending songs on Boomy?
How can I enable JavaScript to make Boomy work properly?
How can I sign up on Boomy?
How can I make money with my songs on Boomy?
Are there any news articles or reviews about Boomy that I can read?
What is the Boomy Discord community?
How can I reach out to Boomy for customer service?
Does Boomy have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?
Where is Boomy Corporation located?
How can I apply for a job at Boomy?

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