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The modern singing synthesizer.
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VOCALOID6 is an AI-based singing synthesizer technology developed by Yamaha. The software uses artificial intelligence and an extensive library of voice banks to generate an extremely natural and expressive singing voice.

Users input melodies and lyrics, and the software transforms these inputs into vocal tracks, effectively turning your computer into a vocalist. VOCALOID6 features enhanced editing tools to manipulate elements such as accents, vibrato, and rhythmic feel, providing full control over the creation of unique vocal tracks.

The software also includes features like instant creation of vocal effects using industry standard techniques such as vocal doubling and harmonies. Its multilingual capability offers the flexibility to sing lyrics in a mixture of Japanese, English, and Chinese using a single voicebank, useful in creating lyrics that transcend language barriers.

VOCALOID6 comes with an arsenal of resources including tutorials, support information, and a vibrant creator community. This software is designed to inspire and fully support the musical expressiveness of creators from all perspectives, providing unprecedented freedom to express vocal ideas while producing music.


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Pros and Cons


Extensive voice bank library
Natural and expressive vocals
Melody and lyric input
Converts inputs into vocal tracks
Manipulation of accents, vibrato, rhythmic feel
Instant vocal effect creation
Vocal doubling and harmonies
Multilingual capability (Japanese, English, Chinese)
Single voicebank for multilingual lyrics
Comprehensive resource materials
Community of creators
Supports musical expressiveness
Unique vocal track creation
Provides tutorials and support
Allows input of vocals while producing
Freely manipulate vocal elements
Instantly create vocals with popular techniques
Enhanced workflow with DAWs
Tempo synchronization
Variety of genres available
From natural human-like voices to futuristic robot voices
Compatible with VOCALOID3/4/5 generation voice banks
New voicebanks with version upgrades
Official Yamaha product
Produces a variety of singing vocals


Limited languages supported
Only exclusive to Yamaha
No details about compatibility
Restricted to specific voicebanks
Not open-source
Limited technical support
VOCALOID3/4/5 not fully integrated
No batch processing
No multi-track recording
Extensive learning curve


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How does Vocaloid6 handle accents, vibrato, and rhythmic feel?
Can Vocaloid6 instantly create vocal effects like vocal doubling and harmonies?
What languages does Vocaloid6 support?
Does Vocaloid6 come with any tutorials or support information?
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How does Vocaloid6 handle multilingual lyrics?
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Are there any upgrades or new features in the latest version of Vocaloid6?
Can I try out a demo version of Vocaloid6 before purchasing?
What support is available if I encounter problems with Vocaloid6?
Can I mix and match voices from different voice banks in Vocaloid6?
How can I use Vocaloid6 to create unique songs that transcend language barriers?
Where can I purchase the latest version of Vocaloid6?


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