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Creating music with AI based on your themes.
GPT welcome message: Ready to create some amazing music together!
Sample prompts:
Suggest a music theme for a peaceful morning.
Help me refine my idea for an energetic workout track.
Guide me in creating a romantic evening melody.
Assist in developing a theme for a suspenseful movie score.
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AIVA Melody Maker is a GPT that provides assistance to users in creating music with the aid of AIVA AI. The tool works on the basis of the user's given themes.

With the use of this GPT, the process of music creation is simplified and optimized as it guides users through thematic choices according to their given context.

It encourages user interaction with the inclusion of an accessible chatting interface where users can put forward their requests. AIVA Melody Maker is capable of providing users with versatile thematic suggestions ranging from 'peaceful mornings' to 'suspenseful movie scores'.

It doesn't simply stop at the music themes generation, it also helps to refine user's existing ideas for tracks and aids in the development of distinct musical themes.

This capability can be potentially employed in generating music for various scenarios such as workout tracks, romantic evening melodies and many more.

This GPT provides a unique opportunity for users to have a more direct and integral part in the creative process of music making.


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