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Muzaic Studio is an AI-based tool that provides users with an effortless and hassle-free way to compose professional and high-quality soundtracks for their videos.

It allows users to upload their videos, customize the soundtrack's intensity, tempo, tone, rhythm, and variations, and listen to their new soundtrack within a minute.

Muzaic Studio's unique feature is its AI-based music composition, which ensures reliable copyright protection, as music is recorded and mixed by professional musicians.

The tool provides a streamlined and convenient way to create royalty-free music tailored to users' needs, saving time and effort spent searching for music libraries.

Muzaic Studio eliminates the frustration associated with the poor quality of music and copyright infringement issues. It enables users to focus on artistic expression, and freely change the music to suit their idea perfectly.

Muzaic Studio is available as an iOS and Android app, and users can access it through the website. It has a privacy policy and terms of use, which users can read on the website.

Muzaic Studio provides users with a unique and innovative way to compose soundtracks that cater to their video composition goals effortlessly.


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May 4, 2023
Very quick and accurate tool

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Pros and Cons


Customizable soundtrack parameters
Quick soundtrack creation
Copyright protection
Music by professional musicians
Saves time searching
Avoids copyright infringement
Ideal for artistic expression
Perfect music adaptation
Renders high-quality music
Unique soundtrack compositions
Available on iOS
Available on Android
Website accessibility
Step-by-step process
Audio tailored to needs
Facilitates video readiness
Reliable copyrights
Privacy policy available
Terms of use provided
Adapts to user requirements


Limited customization options
Possible lack of uniqueness
May require high-speed internet
Limited platform support
Inconsistent soundtrack quality
lack of manual controls
Requires video upload
Dependent on video quality
No advanced editing tools
No offline mode available


What is Muzaic Studio?
How does Muzaic Studio compose soundtracks?
Can I customize my soundtracks on Muzaic Studio?
Does Muzaic Studio allow for changes in intensity, tempo, tone, rhythm, and variations of the soundtrack?
How does Muzaic Studio protect copyright?
What platforms is Muzaic Studio available on?
What is the time taken to create a soundtrack using Muzaic Studio?
How is Muzaic Studio different from other music libraries?
How does the process of making a soundtrack on Muzaic Studio work?
Is there a privacy policy available for Muzaic Studio?
What are the terms of use for Muzaic Studio?
Does Muzaic Studio use user browsing behavior for anything?
What kind of information does Muzaic Studio store on my device?
Are the soundtracks created on Muzaic Studio royalty-free?
Does Muzaic Studio have subscription plans and how much do they cost?
Who can use Muzaic Studio?
What is the quality of music created by Muzaic Studio?
Can I access Muzaic Studio's services through their website?
Is Muzaic Studio also available as iOS and Android apps?
What happens if I don't consent to Muzaic Studio's cookie policy?

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