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Emotion-driven music suggestions.
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ImFeeling is a tool designed to provide personalized music recommendations based on the user's current emotions. By entering an emotion, users can discover a curated soundtrack that resonates with their feelings.

The tool employs an intuitive interface, requiring users to enable JavaScript to access its features.ImFeeling is not limited to a specific platform, with versions available on both the App Store and Product Hunt.

On the App Store, users can download "Asset Your Music Stats" to view their all-time music statistics. This suggests that ImFeeling integrates with this app to provide a more comprehensive music experience.The tool offers a range of emotions for users to choose from, including happiness, anxiety, sadness, love, and boredom.

By selecting an emotion, users unlock a tailored soundtrack that corresponds to their current state of mind.To facilitate easy sharing, ImFeeling provides options to share the page with friends via various platforms or to simply copy the link.

This promotes social engagement and allows users to pass along their recommended soundtracks to others.In summary, ImFeeling is an emotion-based music recommendation tool that lets users explore customized soundtracks aligned with their current emotional state.

With its user-friendly interface and integration with a music statistics app, it aims to enhance the overall music experience for its users.


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