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BySamuel Roberge
Selecting your perfect wake-up song.
GPT welcome message: Good morning! How do you want to wake up today?
Sample prompts:
How do you want to wake up?
Recommend a wake-up song for a peaceful morning.
Suggest an intense song for my morning alarm.
I need a positive song to start my day.
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Morning Melody is a GPT designed to enhance user's morning routines by providing song recommendations based on the user's current mood. Upon activating Morning Melody, the user is welcomed with a morning greeting followed by an interactive question - 'How do you want to wake up today?'.

This query serves as the basis for the GPT to analyze the user's emotional state and subsequently suggest a song that is closely tied to the user's morning disposition.

The GPT is equipped with a variety of prompt starters designed to capture a range of morning moods. These include gentle requests like 'Recommend a wake-up song for a peaceful morning', to livelier ones such as 'Suggest an intense song for my morning alarm'.

For users seeking to start the day on a positive note, the request could be 'I need a positive song to start my day. Therefore, Morning Melody offers an interactive and intuitive way for users to find the perfect wake-up song tailored to their specific moods and feelings each morning.

It is required to have access to the ChatGPT Plus for leveraging the full benefits of Morning Melody. Its purpose is to make waking up a more enjoyable and personalized experience for each user, starting every day with a melodic boost that suits their morning mood.


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