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AI mixtapes generated with language-powered search.
Generated by ChatGPT

Natural Language Playlist is an intelligent tool that allows users to generate playlists based on language-powered search. Created by Abelardo Riojas, a Data Science graduate student, this tool utilizes textual song metadata to understand musical and cultural traits of songs, making it adept in cataloguing music by genre, lyrical meaning, sonics, and vibe.

The user's language input helps in creating a tailored playlist that corresponds to their specified features. However, for optimal results, it is recommended to focus on broader cultural and musical elements instead of specific artist names or tracks.

Additionally, using clear and positive language is encouraged due to the model's challenges with understanding negations. Unique descriptions, obscure genres or hyper-specific lyrical themes can further enhance the effectiveness of this tool.

Whether the goal is to create a playlist of songs for a particular mood, discover new music, or explore a different genre, Natural Language Playlist offers a highly personalised experience to music lovers.

For best use, users are advised to log in with Spotify as it enables playlist creation on their Spotify account.


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Jan 27, 2024
It's awesome. If you have a hard time with descriptors ask chat gpt to give you adjectives and musical features of your favorite songs. Great for expanding your library. Highly explorative. I will be using it often.

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Pros and Cons


Understands lyrical themes
Interprets musical features
Recognizes popular trends
Expands musical horizons
Website with instructions
Features independent artists
Language-powered search
Categorizes music by genre
Analyses lyrical meaning
Considers song sonics
Tailored playlist creation
Handles obscure genres
Capable of hyper-specific themes
Optimized with Spotify login
Focuses on cultural features
Advises clear, positive language
Enables discovery of new music
Playlist suits specified features
Understanding of cultural traits
Supports unique playlist descriptions


Limited to Spotify integration
Broad requests yield better results
Difficulties understanding negations
Dependent on textual song metadata
Potential bias towards featured artists
Requires clear, positive language
Not ideal for specific song search
Vague performance with obscure genres
Potential privacy issues with log-in
User input heavily influences results


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