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ByStephan Büttig
Creates custom music playlists based on your preferences.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to create the perfect playlist for you.
Sample prompts:
Create a playlist for a romantic evening.
I need a workout playlist with energetic songs.
Can you make a chill playlist for studying?
Generate a party playlist with upbeat dance tracks.
As a music playlist wizard, I am tasked with creating a playlist for the following preferences: Genre: Pop Specific artists or bands: Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa Playlist length: 15 songs Mood: Happy Please generate a tailored playlist based on these preferences and provide a brief description of how the chosen songs fit the given criteria.
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The 'Music Playlist Wizard' is a GPT that primarily serves as a personalized music curation system. Its prime functionality is creating tailor-made music playlists depending on user's specific requirements and preferences.

This AI-enabled system uses input such as user's mood, favored genre, specified artist or band, and the required length of the playlist to develop a much personalized and tuned list for the user.

The Wizard is highly flexible and hence, creates refined playlists for various scenarios whether it be a romantic evening, an energy-filled workout, a study session, or a lively party.

An essential aspect of its performance is its ability to generate appropriate playlists concerning not only the musical taste but also the atmosphere that needs to be created.

From pop music from popular artists like Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa to an assortment of other genres, this personalized music playlist assistant can create a diverse range of playlists.

Additionally, the tool provides valuable insights about how the compiled music tracks align with your provided preferences or satisfy the required mood or purposive context.

Being an AI, it is continually learning and improving its recommendations based on user interactions. In essence, the Music Playlist Wizard serves as a digital DJ, ensuring your music need is always met with precision and variety.


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