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Music search engine for personalized licensing.
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Audioatlas is an AI-powered music search engine that enables users to find and license the perfect music from a global database of over 200 million songs.

Unlike traditional search engines, Audioatlas utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to provide a natural language music search experience.

With Audioatlas, users can easily search for music that best fits their needs by using simple and intuitive search queries. By leveraging its extensive database of songs, the tool offers a comprehensive selection of tracks for users to choose from.The primary goal of Audioatlas is to provide an efficient and user-friendly solution for finding the most fitting music based on individual preferences.

Whether it is for personal use, professional projects, or commercial purposes, the tool offers a vast array of options to suit various contexts.Moreover, Audioatlas also facilitates the process of licensing music, allowing users to legally obtain the rights to use the selected tracks.

This feature ensures that users can confidently use the music they discover without worrying about copyright infringement.Overall, Audioatlas stands out as a valuable resource for anyone seeking high-quality music.

By combining an extensive global music database with advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the tool streamlines the search and licensing process, making it a convenient choice for individuals and businesses alike.


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Feb 28, 2024
a place where i can go and input my most random current feeling and i get song recommendations THAT ACTUALLY WORK? this'll help me lots, thank you! p.s. i greatly appreciate that the spotify button actually takes you to the song

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Pros and Cons


200+ million song database
Natural language search
Personalized licensing
Easy search queries
Comprehensive track selection
Suitable for various contexts
Move beyond copyright infringement
Efficient and user-friendly
Intuitive search queries
Vast array of options
Streamlined search and licensing
High-quality music pool
First natural language music engine


Doesn't support all languages
No mobile app
Possible limited music genres
Licensing process ambiguity
No offline functionality
No user review system
No curated playlists
Limited UI languages
Lack of advanced search filters


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Can Audioatlas suit various music contexts?
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How can Audioatlas help me with my professional projects?
Does Audioatlas also recommend music based on my search history?
Is there a fee associated with using Audioatlas?
Can I use Audioatlas worldwide?
What language options does Audioatlas support?
How does Audioatlas ensure the quality of the music found?
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