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Improved music discovery and personalized playlists.
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Songhunt is an AI-powered song search engine that aims to revolutionize how users explore and discover music. It offers a platform for individuals to search for songs and create playlists based on their preferences.

The tool utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to provide users with an enhanced music discovery experience.With Songhunt, users can search for songs using both lyrical and musical filters, allowing for a more refined and personalized search experience.

By employing AI technology, the tool can analyze the lyrics and musical elements of songs to generate better search results.The platform also enables users to create and export playlists, providing a convenient way to organize and curate their music collection.

By using Songhunt, users can easily find and compile their favorite songs into customized playlists that suit their specific moods, activities, or genres.This tool eliminates the need for manual searching and sifting through extensive music databases by offering an efficient and intelligent solution for music exploration.

By utilizing AI algorithms, Songhunt aims to provide users with a curated selection of songs that align with their unique preferences and tastes.Overall, Songhunt offers a user-friendly and AI-driven approach to song search and playlist creation, promising to enhance music discovery for users looking to explore and expand their music library.


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Dec 18, 2023
Very limited song catalogue, but the method seems promising.

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