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Mobile music production w/ virtual festival & community.
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Splash is an AI music platform aimed at bringing the joy of music making to everyone. This tool utilizes its proprietary technology and high-quality audio datasets developed since 2017 to create an AI that can sing, rap, play instruments, compose, and produce original music.

Splash seeks to make music creation more accessible by leveraging its AI capability.The technology employed by Splash includes Text-to-Singing, Text-to-Rap, Generative Text-to-Music, Composition, Melody, Voice Transfer, Lyrics, and Mastering.

These AI models are trained using data collected and owned by Splash, as well as data available under the Creative Commons license. As a result, users can expect a wide range of music creation possibilities using this tool.Users can explore Splash further through its app, which provides access to a vast library of sound packs and beatmaker instruments.

The platform encourages users to share their creations on social media and tag them with #madewithsplash. Additionally, Splash emphasizes that any music created using Splash Pro is entirely the user's to use however, wherever, and whenever they want, going beyond the concept of royalty-free music.Furthermore, Splash highlights its notable investors who share the company's vision.

To stay updated, users can subscribe to receive updates from Splash via the provided link. The tool is available on various platforms, and Splash provides a privacy policy, terms of use, and contact information for users who may require additional support or have inquiries about becoming an affiliate.

Splash was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 30th 2022.
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User Profile PictureFast Ride2
ยท Nov 5, 2023
Very cool but limited options unless you pay money. 2 stars for the pay to use and how heavy it is for the pay to use

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