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Improve audio with automated post-production features.
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Auphonic is an automatic audio post-production web service that offers a range of features to enhance the quality of audio recordings. It provides intelligent level balancing between speakers, music, and speech without the need for knowledge of compression techniques.

Auphonic also offers noise and reverb reduction, allowing users to specify whether they want to remove static or fast-changing noises and whether to keep or eliminate music.

Additionally, the tool includes filtering and autoEQ capabilities to remove unwanted frequencies and sibilance, creating a clear and pleasant sound.For users who work with multiple tracks, Auphonic offers multitrack algorithms that optimize mixdowns through automatic ducking, noise gate, and crosstalk removal.

Users can define loudness specifications to maintain consistency across files and comply with audio specifications.Auphonic also includes features such as automatic silence cutting, multilingual speech-to-text with auto-generated shownotes and chapters, and video support with metadata and chapters.

The tool supports automated workflows and API integrations, allowing users to publish results to various platforms and integrate services into their workflows and applications.Auphonic offers use cases for podcasting, educational content, video creation, and audiobooks, ensuring high-quality audio for these applications.The tool is free for up to 2 hours of audio per month and has received positive feedback from users and leading audio companies.

It is praised for its ability to automate post-production processes, resulting in professionally edited soundfiles.


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Apr 2, 2024
I enjoyed the experience and it certainly cleaned up my audio files. I really wanted to find an AI driven auto-tuning app that would clean up my vocals. But haven't found one yet.

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Auphonic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Intelligent level balancing
Noise and reverb reduction
Filtering and autoEQ capabilities
Multitrack algorithms for mixdowns
Defined loudness specifications
Automatic silence cutting
Multilingual speech-to-text
Auto-generated shownotes and chapters
Video support
Includes metadata and chapters
Automated workflows
API integrations
Automated publishing
Diverse use cases
Free for 2 hours/month
Positive user feedback
Well-received by audio companies
Automatic content deployment
Watch folders feature
Zapier and API interfaces
Customizable white label API
Specifically suitable for podcasting
Fits for educational content
Ideal for video creation
Perfect for audiobooks
Reputable customer testimonials
Automatic optimization of podcast episodes
High-quality audio in lecture recordings
Batch productions for premium users
Commanding workforce and workflow automation
Integration with other software and tools


Limited free usage
Advanced features premium only
No dedicated editing interface
Requires good internet connection
No live-editing capabilities
Reliant on service integrations
Lacks manual control options
Metadata limitations in video


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What is the purpose of loudness specifications in Auphonic?
How does Auphonic handle automatic silence cutting?
What is the functionality of the speech-to-text feature in Auphonic?
How does Auphonic support video?
What kind of automated workflows and API integrations does Auphonic support?
What is the Auphonic's pricing model?
What are some use cases for Auphonic?
Does Auphonic have a multilingual speech-to-text feature?
How does Auphonic handle metadata and chapters in videos?
Is it possible to publish results directly to other platforms using Auphonic?
What type of audio formats does Auphonic support?
How does Auphonic ensure consistency across audio files?
What is the filtering and AutoEQ feature in Auphonic used for?
How does Auphonic offer multitrack algorithms service?
Does Auphonic provide a feature for automatic publishing?


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